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Kids love Fit Base 5-speed MT

AOL user 2012-02-12 05:13:54

Two kids, both attending the same college. Considered buying two half-decent used cars, but decided on buying one new one that they could share. Not to make it easy on 'em. I'm partial to manual transmissions. I feel that they are better in every way, once you learn to drive them. So, my kids learned on 5-speeds and six-speeds. They now both qualify to be valet parkers or school bus drivers, so I know college will be paid for. Anyway, the expert review was on-target. So, I'll concentrate on clarifying. Pros: Peppy enough. Gas sipper from 20-55 mph. In suburbs and rural driving, I have gotten over 40 mpg. 36 mpg is the norm in mixed driving. It got as low as 34 once, because I let the car warm-up as I scraped the snow of it. Good feel on clutch and shifter. Not too mushy, not too stiff. Initially, 5th gear required a little effort, but it broke in quickly. Room for lots and lots of college kid stuff. Easiest move-in day yet. On the outside, it's a subcompact. On the inside, it's downright roomy. Feels like you are sitting higher than you are. Visibility is terrific all around. Seats are firm. Even back seats recline a bit; by a bit, I mean like an airplane coach class recline. You barely have to bend to adjust the front seats fore-or-back. Highly ergonomic. No need to take your eyes off the road to adjust the climate controls or radio. They are all Right There, no seeking or reaching necessary. Cupholders everywhere. All four drivers in my family loved the dash cupholder just to the left of the steering wheel. Fits a water bottle. Several places on dash and elsewhere for loose change. It's got a Spare Tire. A Hyundai Accent doesn't have one. That's probably why the Accent's mpg is rated slightly higher. Nice upper glove compartment with USB hookup. Can hide your iPod. Cons: The MT feels like it needs a 6th gear and I kept wanting to shift once more. That's it. Hard to find a MT. Please, America, learn to drive one.

2012 Honda Fit

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