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2012 CRV Issues

2015-12-14 21:27:28

It is a great car although it has SEVERE problems charging the battery. It dies, randomly, no one knows why and the dealership asks about $700 for repairing a well know problem... Ridiculous.. Go buy another car.

2012 Honda CR-V

2012 Honda CRV EX-L Front Wheel Drive, Leather...no Navigation

2013-05-09 21:16:33

We got this suv back in February 2012. It was awesome for 2 months, then we started having an electrical issue, vehicle wouldn't start. Service department of local Honda dealer said my wife had left some lights on and it killed the battery (wife denied doing this). Battery replaced, we left. About 2 months later, the CRV wouldn't start and left my wife stranded. This time the service dept came to tow the vehicle back to the shop, but tried to jump start it beforehand. It wouldn't jump off. They replaced the battery, saying it was dead (dead cell). I wasn't buying their explanation. So, to alleviate the "battery" problem, I put a 200.00 Sears Diehard Platinum battery in the CRV and told Honda I was doing to. They complained, but gave in, because they didn't have anymore CRV batteries in stock and we'd have to drive a loaner for a couple days. So, after a few days, they called and said they had contacted the guru's at Honda Corp.'s mechanical dept. about our electrical issue and was told to "reboot" and "re-program" the computer, which they did. Problem solved...or so it seemed for about 3 months. My wife was about to go to work one morning, tried to start the CRV, but the same thing happened again...it wouldn't start. There were no lights "on" in the car. So, I took it back and tried to trade it in on a 2013 model they had in stock with the same options. They offered me a ridiculously low trade-in price, because it still had the electrical problem. I thought this was a travesty and a joke and couldn't figure out for the life of me why they were treating me this way on a vehicle they had sold me, roughly 12 months back. Seeing that I was getting nowhere, we cleaned it up (didn't take much, it was still pretty much "new"), brought it to a Toyota dealership and bought a 2013 Toyota RAV4, loaded, leather, limited edition with leather seats. It runs like a champ. I'm running out of characters, so I'll just say this: Honda lost my business!!!!!!!

2012 Honda CR-V

2012 CR-V EX

2011-12-19 09:33:37

Traded a 2010 CR-V on the new 2012. Couldn't be more pleased. It's completely redesigned in and out. The dimensions are actually smaller than the 2010, but feels so much more substantial. The seat fabric and instrumentation are far better than its predecessor. New standard features include color matched door handles, fog lights, automatic head lights, rear camera, and blue tooth. The improved horsepower adds to a more solid ride. The only complaint I have is that the front seat armrests still need to be independent of the seat back. Come on Honda. I've heard the same complaint before and it seems like such an easy fix.

2012 Honda CR-V

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