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Review of 2012 Ford Explorer

2013-07-26 21:58:37

I was 62 and this (2012 Explorer) was my first NEW car. All is well but NAVIGATION. It took us to a hotel in Baltimore but after the reception on the other side of town it quit! I called SYNC 3 times but directions never downloaded. Luckily for cell phones. Once looking for restaurant directions in Greensboro, NC it froze. 5 days later it unfroze and started giving directions I needed earlier. Last week it was on I-95 and SYNC couldn't find me. I've gone to 2 different Ford dealers and it's still not working. My next care WLL NOT be Ford!!!

2012 Ford Explorer

Not Ready for Prime Time

2011-12-13 08:33:33

I had to order this Explorer. The price came in at $48,000. 311 miles it needs to go back to the dealer. The My Ford touch keeps freeing up. The Navigation is the worst I've ever seen. If the my ford touch goes out, you get no heat, no air conduction, no radio, no navigation. All you see on the screen is to take back to dealer for service. The rattles, the air noises makes this $48,000 car a disappointment. The V6 engine is underpowered. The smell of burnt oil around 3000 RPM's is another problem. Most new Explorers have it. The Explorer needs a V8, and a low range on the 4 wheel drive. Style, it looks great. Forget any Ford that uses the Ford touch. its just not ready.

2012 Ford Explorer

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