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I love my Volt

2012-04-20 23:46:03

It has been at least a month and a half since I have been to a gas station and, while there, I only put in 6 gallons. Chevy has not done enough ads to explain it. I plug my volt into a regular outlet and charge it whenever I am home. There is plently of room to carry groceries, dogs, artwork, or anything a normal car can transport. The Volt is so quiet, with a smooth, comfortable ride. It is easy to park on the street or at the mall. I particularly like the center screen which is finger tip controlled and has all the info you need. It makes hands-free calling a breeze. Your phone book appears on the screen and you just tap the name you want. The nav is easy to use. The backup camera is huge and lets you see everything behing you. Best of all, I just took $7,500 off my taxes. Fabulous car!

2012 Chevrolet Volt

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