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4.5 out of 5

Too Small

2013-06-02 20:07:11

I rented this car for a couple days. The outside looked ok size wise. Once I got inside and drove ************ the car was made for a midget. Very little space to move, a tiny steering wheel, I felt like a giant inside this car. The car was about six inches off the ground also, heaven forbid you hit a speed bump. Everything inside the car screamed "economy class" although the dash and such looked modern and cool. The cars small size, combined with economy features made it seem like an Asian car rather than an American made car, but I guess Chevy has outsourced nearly everything to Korea so I guess it basically is a Korean car. It drove ok, no frills but no complaints. It tells you your gas mileage on the console. Gas mileage was out of this world. Great if you want a gas sipper. Overall I would not recommend this car unless its for a 16 year old girl or extremely petite individual looking for an economy car. It might be ok for a girl driving to college or something as well. Definitely not made for an average sized man.

2012 Chevrolet Cruze

Under-rated as usual Cruze ECO

2012-06-25 00:23:22

This car is definitely the best car I have ever owned. I have driven it 15,000 miles and it has a combined mileage (highway 35%, suburban 45%, and city 20%) of 39 MPG! My wife and I drove it to Williamsburg from our SE, PA home and it got 48 MPG! I get 34 MPG in heavy stop and go traffic. It is the six speed manual. If you can drive a manual, you won't want to own anything else. The manual is Clearly more gas efficient than the automatic and a whole lot more fun to drive. I am a 6'1" 300 lb adult and there is plenty of room in the front seat. The trunk is cavernous. The back seat is a bit cramped if you have long legs in the front. It has a tendency to start very slowly from a dead stop when the air is on full. I think the turbo-charger takes a while to wind *********'t imagine why you would want to spend money on a boring Honda Civic Hybrid or the ridiculous cost of a Volt. Of course there is always the four-wheeled lunch box known as the Prius but when a fun car like the Cruze gets routinely 45 MPG on the road and 35 in the city, why would anyone even consider a Prius, CIvic or a Volt? I paid $18,000 for my Cruze ECO. That is about $12K less than any one of the cars I have mentioned with similar equipment. $12,000 buys a lot of gas. But hey, go ahead and believe Consumer Repports. You'll buy a Civic Hybrid and can be part of the class action lawsuit against Honda for promising 50 MPG for cars that are getting in the low 30's MPG. Honda and Toyota should offer the CEO of Consumer Reports a seat on their Board of Directors.

2012 Chevrolet Cruze

Good car for the value

2012-04-21 09:16:27

I've owned my new Cruze for almost a month and compared to other chevy's I've own before, which inludes Malabu and Impala SS. This is the better Chevy of them all. It does something the previous cars could not do and that' turn a tight turn raduis making it easier to park. It has more gadgets then both of them combine and the ride is outstanding consider this car was the smallest of the previous Chevy's I owned. The Cruze has convienced me that GM got the message from almost going under in 2008. The only issue that this car shares with it's Chevy cousins is, I still have to fight the driver side door to keep it open when getting out of the car. But the thing I like the most about the Cruze is it has a bad habit of passing gas stations that my previous cars could not do. Great gas milage without a stack of batteries to get the job done. You Go Chevy!

2012 Chevrolet Cruze

Superb Compact Car

2012-01-29 01:30:40

I leased the 2012 LS (6 Speed Auto), on 12/31/11, after trying the Civic, Corolla, Rio5. I recently lost my job, and had to turn in my 2008 Saturn Vue at lease end. I had $2k to put down, and wanted to keep the payment under $180. This was not an easy task, but after test driving the cars above, they all were in this vicinity. Then I went to Chevy dealer to check out the new 2012 Sonic. The salesman said the Cruze would be cheaper to lease despite the higher sticker price because of incentives and residual value of the Sonic. After he showed me the Cruze, it was love at first sight! The Cruze has it all, great exterior styling, decent gas mileage, beautiful and comfortable interior. 10 air-bags, On-Star and the lowest insurance cost in its class. I gave it 4 stars for performance only because the LS does not have the turbo engine, and thus the gas mileage isn't as great as the other Cruze models. I have been getting 27.5 mpg on 90% city driving here in Boca Raton, Florida, but other than this the performance rating is 5 star for a compact IMO. I highly recommend buying the Connectivity Package( I bought this). which adds Bluetooth and USB connections, plus adds steering wheel controls for a phone and the stereo. It only costs $275, and it is well worth minuscule price. It works well, and I love it. Overall the Cruze gives you so much for the price, it is easy to be impressed and I now understand why GM is back on top. BTW the Cruze is built in their most modern factory and the quality of the materials for the interior seemed the best of the cars I test drove. Trust me when I say this car is well worth the look and test drive. It is anything but mediocre and I will be happy for years to come. Original offer was $1900 down and $171/month but then manager offered $0 down/$202(total)month to buy right then and there on years end. Also gave 2 tanks of gas, 2 oil changes and paid 1st payment. WOW! no BS, I couldn't turn down. They were great, saved me lots of money!!

2012 Chevrolet Cruze

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