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5.0 out of 5

Overall great car...few minor complaints

2012-07-29 18:11:27

2.0T_Premium__4dr_All_wheel_Drive_quattro_Sport_Utility~********************,000~36-45~~Florida~Suburbs~Average~Daily Commuting~~~~The car handles well and gas mileage si very good especially on the highway. On highway I normally get 29-30 mpg. The front is comfortable, although ******* would be a little wider. VERY disappointed that there are not back up sensors nor any decent back up lighting! Audi cheaped out in this department! Back wiper is IMPOSSIBLE to turn of! All in all good car , just a few improvments needed!~true

2012 Audi Q5

2012 Q5 2.0T Premium

2012-02-27 16:25:30

Just received my Q5 and am very impressed. So far, none of the issues regarding strange transmission shifts. Car rides beautifully, but clearly has a so-so set of tires (wish I could have selected the tires). My initial review is as follows: Stereo not intuitive to work until you learn the Audi way (no NAV). Programming the Garage Door Opener is a 3 step process. My old Honda was a one step process. Fortunately, this does not need to be performed very often. The hidden Jack through me at first. Make sure they teach you where this stuff is. In this case, it is hidden under the extra hidden Bin storage near the spare. The good news is decent Gas mileage (too new to give actual mileage yet) and deceptively fast (cruising at 80 thinking your going 40). Very comfortable seats and an excellent interior. iPhone storage location is just silly being inside the glove compartment, but you only need it when you want to access the music. I will follow-up when I have broken in the car. Strange thing, when they went over the car, the salesmen suggested mid-grade gas as opposed to premium. And I thought premium was mandated for Audi Turbos.

2012 Audi Q5

A top notch CUV

2012-01-17 23:45:19

I've owned a number of SUVs starting with a Samurai, a Trooper, Grand Cherokee, ML430 and a G500. This Audi, so far seems to be the best by far and an excellent car to boot. The 2.0L turbo is more than adequate and coupled with the 8 speed transmission, moves quite well (traded an excellent Porsche Cayman S for this car). The interior trim, quality, is first class in keeping with current Audi vehicles. Room, front and rear is quite good, even for tall folks. I've been getting as steady 22-23 mpg in mixed but spirited driving. It is quiet. I miss the visceral noise of the Cayman S, but the B&O stereo in the Q5 makes it worthwhile. It is outstanding. And it has all the current "bells & whistles", e.g., backup camera/sensors, sat radio, sat nav, 10 G hard drive, etc. In truth, I've found nothing significant to fault thus far and I'm considered a "carnut" by most. This is my 35th car/truck! My only potential regret may be not waiting for the Porsche Cajun which will be built on the Q5 chassis but will likely be $10k more. The only question will be its reliability and only time will tell. I'll check back in 6 months.

2012 Audi Q5

Great, but AUDI took some obvious shortcuts

2011-09-15 08:24:40

As the owner of both a new BMW and a new Audi Q5, I can say that the performance of this car outshines the BMW. You'd never know that you are driving a 4-banger unless someone told ************ and fuel economy are outstanding. That being said, the BMW feels solid and oozes quality from every corner, while the Audi does not. Feels more like a upscale VW. The interior is very nice at first glance, but there are some cheap shortcuts that Audi took hoping we wouldn't notice. Leather seats are only leather where you can see it. On the side it is nylon. In the back, it feels like carpeted cardboard. If you take the side panel off where the tire pump is, you will both see and feel the lack of quality. The steering wheel is leather wrapped, but it feel more like plastic than leather. The same goes for the seats. I didn't get the Navigation, but I wish I had. The MMI interface is difficult to control and is not intuitive. It is distracting and dangerous. Even to change the fan speed on the A/C, you have to press a button and then turn a knob. The BMW iDrive is far superior to Audi in this regard. Music can't be played via Bluetooth (BMW can). Likewise, parking sensors aren't standard on a car of this size, which boggles my mind..and no, the Premium Plus package doesn't incude them either. I still love this car (its my wife's car), but I'm holding my breath on how it will hold up. Performance and gas mileage are top notch, and makes this a fun car to drive. Styling turns heads, making the neighbors envious ; )

2012 Audi Q5

Review of 2012 Audi Q5

2011-07-27 10:41:48

Reluctantly I had to turn in my 2000 T&C Van in as AC & PS were gone . With tears streaming down from "Vince" The Van's headlights we said a sad good by.My wife & I fell in love with" Quincy"[2012 Audi q5] He drove great although a little more harsh than "Vince" . He had so many bells & whistles in computer control board that I couldn't turn volume down on the radio the first day. Next day I couldn't figure out how to turn off back window wipers. Now 4 days into ownership I'm adjusting to the"bells &whistles". & using the computer to play & program my radio to AM,FM, &Sirius, use my built in cell phone with names of friends,family & business, my built in GPS, my seat memory, & all the controls of excellent AC & heater/defogger. I haven't figured out the automatic garage door opener works.My only concern is when you first start driving this car you have to look at these controls until you learn them. This could be a dangerous distraction! Power is more than adequate. My gas mileage to Rochester from Buffalo was fairly good[Quincy is a 6 cylinder] I don't anticipate any problems with Buffalo winters as He has AWD. I'm impressed with all the looks & compliments Quincy receives from fellow workers & strangers. I would highly recommend the Q5 if you are looking for a reasonably priced luxury SUV.

2012 Audi Q5

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