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At last I

2013-01-01 00:05:02

I've owned Many "normal" cars in the last 5 months by normal I mean non sports cars like vettes Porsches etc I owned those too but I always try to keep a normal car I started with the BMW 335 hardtop convertible nice car but when Lexus came out with their hard top vert in that great blue color I swapped the BMW for the Lexus a nice car but one day I woke up with an itch fora jag got a new 2011 had it brought down to fl where I moved the car was beautiful everything about it was classy and then it developed a gas leak,-a loose tie rod and then the radio ,gps and blue tooth stopped working they said it need a soft ware up grade fixed a month later it happened again they said we know we have a problem the only solution is stop the car for 15 minutes I said you're nuts and good bye went to Lexus they had an isf traded the jag for it then I figured Living in fl I needed a. Err went to audit bought a snappy a5 bright red vert things were finally ok until wife broke hip and couldn't get in the a5 back seat have to get something bigger went back to Audi saw the a7 in garnet jaws sold took it home out of all the previous cars this has the best exterior styling and interior and it handles so great an all around superior car

2012 Audi A7

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2012 Audi A7

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