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4.0 out of 5

Young woman loves this car

2012-05-18 11:03:56

My daughter has a C70 and loves it. She has had two small issues with the car, silver door grab chipping and a noisy rear strut. Dealer took care of both issues with no problem. She has owned Acura in the past and prefers this Volvo. Picked this C70 over retractable hardtops from BMW, Lexus, VW, Infinity. This car was the best choice and the most bang for the $ buck. Really a great car!

2011 Volvo C70

Many Issues

2011-11-01 14:30:54

Purchased new in June, vehicle has roughly 5000 miles on it now. The rear reflector holds condensation and water, no real big deal, easy fix by the dealer. Steering bump stops need replaced, have to pull the strut towers and drive assembly out of the car, probably will never be right. AC blows cold out of the drivers side and HOT out of the passenger side, need to pull the dash and interior to replace. willprobably lose the car for 3-5 days for repairs, quite the dissapointment, first and last volvo.

2011 Volvo C70

Review of 2011 Volvo C70

2010-09-04 12:32:14

2011 Volvo C70

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