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TDI a Blast for first-time Diesel Owner

2013-08-17 10:56:49

I'm required to have a 4-dr, and desperately wanted to rid myself of the sclerotic 2007 Prius (purchased only to take advantage of a short-lived solo-driver-in-the-carpool-lane promotion California had in the 2000's). I'd not had a VW before, but was enthralled by the TDI model's purported fun-to-drive quotient, European design, and the hoped-for low fuel consumption. After hitting up the Costco Auto Program for pricing, I was directed to my local VW dealer, and chose the top-level Sportwagen in charcoal grey trim with a huge panoramic sunroof. I fell in love with it. 26 months later, I get consistently 33-39 mpg (with several highway trips in the high-40's), and now have 63,000+ miles on it. Here was the big concern- reliability. My sister had a 2002 Jetta whose reliability was - shall we say- "not reliable". I'm pleased to report that this hasn't been the case here. Their are regular 10,000 mile oil/filter changes (a bit pricey, as there's only one - one - type of oil allowed for this engine - it's easier to let the dealer change it). The only pricey regular service is the 40,000 mile/64,000km DSG service (auto tranny fuel/filter change) - this was an eye-popping $475. Here's what's been done: Brakes- never been changed. Ceramic pads rule, truly. Tires- the original Continentals wore out at 60,000km / 37,600 miles and were replaced with vastly superior Nitto Motivos (wow- a great tire). Rear wiper blade Front wipers are still in good shape - surprisingly so! Here was the only concern, and I'm not sure I can blame VW for this, but various TDI forums indicate it's a VW issue. I had to take the car in for a smog-check at a local place. When they finished, the a/c seemed to have lost a lot of its mojo. They of course refused any responsibility. A trip to Lake Havasu in 46C/115F weather, the A/C then died. Oh, yeah. That was fun. And a valve inside the compressor had died. It cost $1400 to fix - a broken valve. But a fun car to drive and recommended!

2011 Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen

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