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3.5 out of 5

rotten car

2011-06-21 01:22:35

Had one of these as a rental for a week. It was like driving a hair dryer. It also seemed very stiff and uncomfortable. I didn't have any problems with it *********** seemed like a very boring car.

2011 Toyota Camry

Love my Camry

2011-05-15 19:57:37

This is my second Toyota and I love my new 2011 Camry! It is very comfortable and rides smoothly (very quiet). It is also very peppy for a 4 cylinder-(speeds up quickly). The interior is really nice too-love how it lights up in a pretty blue color at night! I also got a great warranty from Toyota South and I do not have to worry about any maintanence for 5 years! If you are looking to purchase a Toyota in the Atlanta area I highly recommend ToyotaSouth in Morrow, GA. They are always wonderful.

2011 Toyota Camry

engine light/transmission defect

2011-04-19 22:14:38

after 5 months that Ibougth my car and closing to 5,ooo miles, the car presents a problem where the ligth of engine coming on. my case is a nightmares. I WAS UNDECIDED TO BUY A HONDA OR TOYOTA . bUT I DECIDED TO BY TOYOTA BECAUSE A READ CONSUMER REPORT A INTERNET REVIEWERS. NEXT TIME I BUY ANOTHER CAR .THIS MY FIRST CAR WITH TOYOTA AND THE LAST.

2011 Toyota Camry

Review of 2011 Toyota Camry

2011-04-17 08:24:08

We are very satisfied with this car.. A plush ride with plenty of room and good standard features and it rides well.

2011 Toyota Camry

Complete Junk

2011-01-12 13:38:13

I just bought one of these for my wife . The worst mistake I ever made it sounds like a damn lawn mower . It rides horrible and has been in the shop more then on the road . I am trading it in for an american car like I should have done in the first place . DO NOT BUY A TOYOTA THEY ARE JUNK and are not SAFE ... Dont listen to the people at consumer reports they take money from toyota in return for ratings .

2011 Toyota Camry

Best Car I Ever Had

2010-10-05 19:41:11

SE__4dr_Sedan~*************************~North Providence~Rhode Island~City~Average~Daily Commuting~Fun or Weekend Car~None~Altima, Mazda6~I looked at several different models before selecting the Camry, and I am glad I did. I love everything about this car. The only advice I can give to people is to shop for the best price. I was given prices from the full sticker price, to having $4000.00 off the sticker price. I looked at the Nissan Altima, and the Mazda6, and I am glad that I spend hours looking for the right car, and I feel I made a great decision.~false

2011 Toyota Camry

Review of 2011 Toyota Camry

2010-08-23 14:10:12

2011 Toyota Camry

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