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Review of 2011 Toyota Camry Hybrid

2010-05-22 17:45:33

I picked the Camry Hybrid over the Prius because it was a model year newer and I found the Camry to be more comfortable for long trips as opposed to the Prius. I also like a seat that is can be adjusted by a motor versus the wacky ratchet and grab under the seat and push back method. The trunk is great for everyday around town driving and on a trip you need to pack sensibly which I can do but not my wife. The car forces her to pack more efficiently. We love the car. My wife drives a Taurus 2010 SHO. Two extremes but both great cars. I am getting 37-38 miles per gallon in town which sees great to me. I traded in an Acura 2007 RL for the Camry and don't miss the Premium gas prices and low gas mileage.

2011 Toyota Camry Hybrid

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