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Nothing like an Elise

2016-04-09 03:43:42

I've had this car for over 2 years and can categorically say it's nothing like an Elise. The car drives amazing and accelerates relentlessly in performance mode. There is plenty of technology in my car including apple CarPlay head unit, premium audio with 10 speakers, carbon fibre trim, leather seats and leather wrapped dash, electric Windows, cruise control, heated seats, carpet basically the roadster is a compact sports car with everything you expect inside. The car has multiple driving modes for range standard and performance, on board telemetry that can be downloaded and viewed on a computer and is connected to tesla 24/7 via GSM for support if needed. I also have OVMS fitted which enables the car to be monitored via iPhone and located. Had a Nissan GT-R before the roadster and the roadster is just as fast to 130mph but has no fuel bill. Costs about £3.00 to recharge and when driven hard does about 150 miles. I have got 200 miles on a range journey from Preston to London in the past without issue. No road tax and no running costs. Totally awesome car I would highly recommend. Only 14 in the UK making it highly collectible and sought after too. Full carbon fibre body gives air of exoticness.

2011 Tesla Roadster

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