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3.5 out of 5

Three years of Xb ownership

2014-12-03 11:14:56

Without a doubt this is the most reliable car I've ever owned. The most frequent comment from passengers is the amount of leg room in the back and how well it rides. Purchased new in 2011, it now has almost 40,000 miles. The tires were replaced at 33,000 and the battery replaced during the 35,000 mile service. Although it is the Release series 8.0 with a sunroof and Voodoo blue paint, automatic transmission, the car is quite basic. A friend bought 2013 model and swears it's the best car he's ever owned..

2011 Scion xB

Great Car

2012-08-10 17:54:08

Have 28,300 trouble free miles on the car. Roomy, plenty of cargo space. Drives smoothly with slick 5 speed manual. Drive conservatively and get 31-33 MPG - city, highway and interstate.

2011 Scion xB

Scion 2011 XB

2011-06-27 02:17:41

Never thought I would own a Scion XB. I was looking for a vehicle that would fit five people. I am so tired of the SUV gas prices and I went to so many dealerships to find a car that I wanted and nothing looked good when I went down same o thing. I looked on line and saw a used 2011 20,284 miles Scion XB. It included a rear spoiler, brand new Good year TSA tires and the upgraded touch screen radio and the TRD strut. It looked nice different from the other models from what I have seen. I went to Ford and really liked what I saw; my husband was indecisive as he saw it from a distance. The sales man pulled it out and the hubby liked it. It was a Kewl wagon and we really like how it drove! The truth I am giving its base on, owing my first Scion XB goes like this. The dash board takes some getting used to. It rides nice but that could be due the TRD strut. Gas mileage is mediocre driving back and forth to work plus picking up the kids gives me a week’s worth. Today I filled it up and at 3.89 I spent $37.39 and only needed 9.693 gallons. When the windows are down it’s a noisy ride. The room inside is awesome very roomy for 5 people. The seats are comfortable for me, but my husband stated he was a tad big for the seats and could not get comfortable. The upgrade hd radio is awesome but the speakers suck. Save some money for a subwoofer scion has it for 399.00. I would like next year model to be a tad better, padding on doors to give it style. Less noise when the windows are down. Passenger seat on all base models needs to move up higher, I am short and have to use that leveler all the way up to see the road. The dashboard could use some real leather the way it is takes some getting used to so unsure if a truthful answer and saying change it would be right as I am use to it. Gas mileage should be better but I am saving 80 bucks a month after getting rid of the SUV. The body kit should not be an option but should be a standard feature as well as the sub woofer for the radio or give the scion owners a discount frankly I would like to see all original owners get a special discount for keeping the car or trading it in for a newer model. Such as 25-50 percent off items such as Bluetooth, navigation, TRD items, ect! Scions are meant for playing with and it’s expensive to play with. If you own the car one year-two years then let a discount on accessories be applied! I hope you get my drift. All in all I would recommend you test drive one, rent one and play with ************* fun and it gets a lot of looks and people are commenting on it with positive remarks. y scion is true to their words and it will hold the resale value by 37 percent.. I would recommend the 2011!

2011 Scion xB

Scion x/b

2011-04-08 10:44:42

I researched a list of cars to buy & got the x/b. Great car! It has more features that come standard than any other car I researched. Interior is copious for people & cargo. Can fit into parking spaces that others can not. Very decent gas milage. Priced for the frugal consumer. Overall I love it.

2011 Scion xB

Fun asgain!

2011-02-17 12:11:41

I've had a truck for years, finally got tired of the 15 mpg (2 wheel drive) and the gas prices rising. So I bought the special edition Scion XB. Blue in color, really blue in color! This car has brought back the funj in driving! Plenty of room inside for me (6'2", 185') and plenty of room for passengers and cargo. This car has plenty of power and is averaging 27-29 mpg in the city. The car handles wonderfully! I am impressed with the quickness with the acceleration and the turning capabilities. Great sound system! The shifter is mounted high and is a total convenience. Plenty of glass for great visibility. Handles great in the snow! I shopped around and and, although a little pricier than some other makes and models, there is a reason for slightly higher price. Quality. It's a fun, quality car that6 I look forward to driving! Thank you.

2011 Scion xB

The Scion Bad Joke

2010-09-01 20:43:55

Readers; I recently test drove the New Xb. It is worse than bad. All the good things my 2006 XB has, the new one has left out. My '06 gets mid 30 mpg, and even got 40mpg on a long cruise. This farce does not do but half of the mpgs. The interior is somewhat better, it has arm rests: that are too short, and only one. And why is the shifter stuck up in the air? You have thus lost the storage space that was once below. In fine, the Toyota XB for 2010-2011 is the best car Honda could design-to ruin sales! Wake up Toyota the old Xb was an Urban Utlility Vehicle. Lets try making it that way again. As for me: I 'll hang onto my '06 till they bury me. Reader; if you have sense, in my view, do not buy this auto!

2011 Scion xB

2011 Scion xB worthless

2010-07-25 14:32:47

I drove the new Scion a couple days ago. I was not impressed. It's small, under powered and, it drives like a toy. What's more of a joke, my 1988 Suzuki Samurai gets better mileage at 24 mpg combined! I'd buy an old bug before I'd buy one of these.

2011 Scion xB

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