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This car is a lemon

2015-05-02 12:40:35

I have a 10 year old Hyundai with over 200K miles on it and have made less repairs than I did in the first 36K miles. I have been through 4 batteries in 2.5 years and the Lincoln dealer tells me it is because it has so many miles of wiring!!!! I now taps like it has bad valves and the Lincoln dealer, North Florida Lincoln in Jacksonville, Florida, tells me that it is old and is going to make noise! I have had to have tail lights replaced, over 600 dollars, luckily was covered under warranty, yet I now have letter in the mail from Lincoln saying they have some tail light issues. Really. The grill is chorme color paint over plastic. The windshield shattered when my son slapped it open handed from the inside. Great airconditioned seats, seat heater works great and it rides down the road like you are sitting on you sofa in the living room! Yet, how long will it ride down the road for 40 thousand dollars.....not long at all!

2011 Lincoln MKZ

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