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3.5 out of 5

Lexus RX owner since 2003

2015-12-20 19:04:18

Purchased my 2011 RX350 all wheel drive new and have 50,000 trouble free miles. Do not agree with some of the other reviewers concerning engine noise and rough ride. Hope to drive another 75,000 miles over the next 6-7 years before getting another RX.

2011 Lexus RX 350

Test drive on different road conditions before you think you want to buy it

2011-12-22 15:34:43

I am so shocked with the driving aspects of the car. The steering a so much feedback, from the engine vibration to everything on the road, like even minor bumps... and the interior is not quite by any means, at speeds over like 65-70mph, you will hear wind noise, whether is a windy day or not. when I bought it, I had only taken it for a short drive, now i m facing all these design issues, so I test drove an even newer model showroom car and few more Rx 350s, its absolutely same issue with all.. I m not a competitor for lexus or something... I can't believe this is the experience i get from a Luxury/high end car... honestly my sienna was so much better than this, i put my hard earned money to get it as a dream car I have gud knowledge of techinal aspects, trust me take your time driving the car around before you say Yes I Do...!

2011 Lexus RX 350

The best yet!!!

2011-10-23 14:52:42

I read the three previous reviews and I can't believe we're talking about the same vehicle. This is my fifth RX 350 since 1999 and they seem to be only getting better and better. For a vehicle this size the performance is excellent. With my previous RX 2010, I did extensive cross country traveling (36,000 miles in 19 months) with flawless results. I traveled through snowstorms and 12,000 foot mountains with ease and a sense of security and control. The navigation system along with Lexus inform also worked flawlessly. 25 miles per gallon (highway driving) with a 4000+ pound vehicle is remarkable especially comparing it to my friends non-Lexus users. I did hear the engine noise in my 2010 but that's absent in the 2011.

2011 Lexus RX 350

Performance of the 2011 RX 350

2011-03-14 00:12:14

Overall, I am very disappointed in the 2011 RX 350. For what is suppose to be a $50,000 Luxury Vehicle, it is not. Since the redesiging of RX 350 in 2010, this vehicle has a very hard ride. While driving you can feel more than usual bumps in road. You can here more than usual engine noise in cabin at a stop. You can here outside noise while driving. LEXUS Factory representative said "That's the way it is" .

2011 Lexus RX 350


2010-12-28 20:51:58

In responce to Engine Noise Complaints please read : I traded in my beloved 2008 rx for 2011 last week. I also could hear loud engine noise (i have read several similar complaints on various review sites). Salesman told me to use regular unleaded gas and Lexus uses that as a selling point.. BUT if you read your owners manual on Gasoline Use (pg306 in mine) it CLEARLY states : "for optimum performance use 91 octane or better". Most regular unlead is 89 octane. It then goes on to say that "continued use of regular unlead will cause engine knocking and damage to engine over time.." When i switched to premium gas i saw better performance and reduction in engine noise ! ...good luck..great car

2011 Lexus RX 350

Road Noise, Engine Noise, Wind Noise

2010-10-28 14:04:54

We test drove 2011 lexus rx 350 and we were very disappointed with its on road performance. We were able to hear loud engine noise, hard to ignore wind noise on highways. We were able to feel every bump and hole on the road while driving in the city. The engine noise is very annoying right from the time my husband turned on the car. The interiors were very classy with lots of features but once you start your ride in this car, you won't feel as if you are driving in a luxury vehicle. You'll as if you are on a greyhound bus with comfortable seats. I don't think its worth investing almost $50 K in this vehicle. We test drove 2011 Audi Q5 also, and the on performance was so superb. No engine noise, no bumpy ride and road noise & wind noise was very well muted. The interiors of Q5 were not as appealing as that of RX 350 though.

2011 Lexus RX 350

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