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1.5 out of 5

more transmission problems

2011-09-07 12:04:51

I read previous review and I am having same problems. Transmission seems to pull back around 50mph. something feels very wierd. also, transmission is not strong enough on slight hill from stopping the car from rolling backwards...very small hill. I had another problem with "crunching noise" on front end, and it is still there. Dealer said they couldn't duplicate problem...ridiculous, the problem is still there. If they tell me they cant find anything with transmission, i am going to see about a class action lawsuit!

2011 Jeep Liberty

Jeep Liberty engine and transmission problems

2011-01-31 18:59:40

The new 2011 Jeep Liberty has some nice features, such as the comfortable and functional inteior. I like the fact that the rear seats fold completly flat, great for carrying my bikes inside. The roof rack is strong enough to carry my two kayaks and most of all I can tow the 4x4 Limited behind my RV. The big problem I am having is the poor engine performance. It has a definite feel of engine miss, a feeling of surging, rough running when you get into overdrive at around 50 mph. It has been to two different dealers a total of 4 time and they can't find the problem. The big problem is there seems to be no help from Jeep/Chrysler to fix this problem. I have owned 5 Jeeps, a loyal Jeep customer, why can't they provide some help and get my Jeep running correctly. They are using the same "old" tech 3.7 engine that has been around for quite some time. At this point I am waiting to here from Jeep to come out with a TSB for this problem. If they don't come up with something soon it may have to go by way of the lemon law. This does not help either of us in the long run, so I hope they can fix the problem. Until such time I can't recomend buying a Jeep!

2011 Jeep Liberty

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