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I'm too old for babysitting

2011-03-08 15:48:33

This car has everything! It's a technological wonder. Why then can't I control some of these amazing features. For instance, I must have the doors lock when I'm driving. No override. I can't use my telephone phonebook when I'm driving. It's much safer to pull out my phone and try to read the number than to use my large screen nav system. No overide. I can't use my nav system when I'm driving. Guess I'll be stopping alot on the freeway to phone and navigate. However all my electronic safety equipment such as blind spot warning, front end collision avoidance, etc. turns off when I stop the car and I have to rememeber to turn it on or it won't function. So why is that safer? There is no alarm for not wearing my seatbelt. So why is that safer? Also the music box doesn't seem to be able to read most CD information so all my CD's, artists and songs are just the date and time recorded. Not too convenient. And speaking of the nav system, I've been living in my new house for three years, but my nav maps don't even show my neighborhood. I was told I could buy an update. Mighty kind of Infiniti. Speaking of nav systems, the nav system on the Infiniti sucks. It's difficult to use and technologicaly out of date. My old 2004 Acura TL had far superior nav capabilities and voice activation years in advance of what Infiniti has now. Infiniti touts the voice activation for the phone and nav as safer than pushing buttons. Might be if it worked! The voice activation is practically never right. Extremely frustrating. As for performance and appearance the car is spectacular in almost every way. My only complaint is that the gas mileage is horrible (15 around town and 22-23 on the highway, even using the Econ mode). My problem is I am so frustrated by all the quirky electronic annoyances every time I try to drive that I just want to take the car back.

2011 Infiniti M37x

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