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4.5 out of 5

Not Up to Snuff

2012-04-12 15:58:52

I was expecting much better fuel economy. For a small car hybrid I would have expected to get closer to 50 and not quite 40. I hate that it does not use the hybrid system of the Prius, which does not require the engine to run. Also hate that to get a replacement key, need a special cut key that includes the chip. With toyota only need the chip not the stupid key. Give me a plain key (that I can easily get copied) or just a fob, not both. The seats do not go back far enough to snooze, The storage compartment just behind the seats is poorly designed. Could have gotten a lot more storage by doing things smarter, and should be possible to lock the area. Would have been nice if they had put a storage tray inside the spare tire.

2011 Honda CR-Z

2011 Honda CRZ

2012-02-22 01:18:53

I bought one in arrest me red (it's NOT that fast). lol Gets great looks all around,not many on the road,and I kicked my up with custom wheels,Mugen wing spoiler and A&J SS Racing exhaust with dual pipes. Fun to drive,more fun in sport mode(tighter steering,longer upshifts) I average in eco mode about 45 mpg,in normal mode 40-43 mpg. Rear visibility is horrible (almost as bad as a Lamborghini ! ). Overall VERY happy with it and as a FIRM honda fan I know I will get YEARS of Reliability out of it even with the 14 electrically powered horses at the Introverter

2011 Honda CR-Z

Great car

2011-07-13 01:12:55

Great car! I traded a Cadilac SRX-V for a CR-Z, best trade I've ever done. No, it can not do 155nph or 0 to 60 in 6 sec., but the car is better built and a ton of fun. Almost a replacement for the S-2000.

2011 Honda CR-Z

Love my CRZ

2011-06-13 15:11:20

I saw one on the road, and had to have it. Have the blue - it turns heads wherever it goes, I don't see them coming and going, and so many people have asked, "what is that?". And ********* a hybrid sweetens the deal, especially getting 43.5 mpg.

2011 Honda CR-Z

Hybrid with Style

2010-10-24 10:57:09

Just bought my CR-Z last week and am in love. It looks completely different than any other Honda on the road. I have had at least 10 strangers ask me ************** thought I imported it from Japan. Controls are very easy to reach. Love the A/C being right next to the stearing wheel. Rear visibility is horrible. Just be very carefull of your surroundings when backing out of a space. Time flys when I'm driving in econ mode due to the fun "game" of trying to get your trophy.

2011 Honda CR-Z

Review of 2011 Honda CR-Z

2010-09-19 22:19:38

I love my CRZ. All the controls are in easy reach, and I can drive in econ, normal or sport mode.

2011 Honda CR-Z

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