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4.5 out of 5

Love my 2011 escape!

2016-09-19 13:31:45

I love my car very much. It's very roomy and it's great for putting my dogs in the back. It runs nice. I had a few boo boos with it at first but now that they are fixed it works nice! We always take my car where ever we go!

2011 Ford Escape

Review of 2011 Ford Escape

2014-06-03 12:18:38

2011 Ford Escape

Don't Buy Escape!

2012-05-22 11:04:15

I purchased a 2011 Escape Limited in July, 2012. Almost from the beginning, I have been unhappy overall with this vehicle. My main complaint is the transmission. If the car sits for more than 24 hours, the transmission over-revs something awful when attempting to go through the gears. It's SO bad that I have to "back-off," lest I fear the engine might not be able to take the strain. I have had the car to the dealership 3 times for them to investigate the problem, but they keep telling me there's nothing wrong. DUH! Also, the SYNC system sucks! No one wants me to call them while using SYNC because they cannot hear or understand what I'm saying. When connecting my iPod to the USB port, I have constant issues. SYNC keeps telling me "index is full -- some songs may not be available." No one can can seem to tell me how to correct this situation. I could go on and on. I am ready to GET RID of my Escape. Do yourself a favor- don't buy an Escape. You'll be sorry................................

2011 Ford Escape

Never Buy A Ford Escape!

2012-02-07 17:24:47

I have owned my 2011 Ford Escape I-4 4WD for 1 year now and have had it in the shop being worked on more than I have driven it, and the worst part, I bought it when it was brand spankin new! This car has had leakes, engine fails, 4WD issues, plus many more. I would not recommend anyone buy this car. Ford offered me a 20 yr. 200,000 mile warranty but they wont stand up to it. If Ford wont make a better quality car, then they shouldnt even sell it. My dealer has been very rude and I have even call Ford Motor Cradit the finace place and talked to them and they wont even do anything about it. I would much rather spend my money on another vehicle. DO NOT BUY THIS VEHICLE!

2011 Ford Escape

Great First Time Car for Student

2011-06-20 16:23:06

I purchased this vehicle for my daughter who is in college. It has all of the features that a parent would want for safety as well as the new Microsoft Sync technology that young adults want for their efficient blue tooth and audio entertainment while driving. Overall the car has plenty of power and looks great! I would highly recommend any parent who is looking for a dependable, durable, quiet handling car for their kids. You can camp, go to the beach, use for moving.. its got everything they will need! Two thumbs up on this small SUV!

2011 Ford Escape

Review of 2011 Ford Escape

2011-06-17 15:31:54

Good suv! I like everything about it particualrly the ride - the streets in my town have become one pothole after another - this baby handles them without rattling my liver. It has a good comanding view - no dead spots and the side mirrors with the extra mirror in the mirror are wondeful as is the rear view camera - one of my real terrors has been one of little kids in my neighborhood getting in the blind spot behind my car as i back out of the driveway! The view it gives is panoramic - it shows where you're aiming the car and it shows how the vehicle will fit in that space and there's a warning beep if something should move into that space as one of my dogs did - i really love that feature,. The interior is nice except for the dash which is a fake allegator hide plastic that is flat ugly but I knew that when I got the car - I can live with it. Sync is nice but really complicated and it sure doesn't understand my voice. The price is right , Ford is discounting it to get ready for a brand new model next year - but this one has all the bugs worked out now.

2011 Ford Escape

A Very Good Product

2010-10-15 08:26:10

I live in a hilly area of Virginia. I was concerned about the power of a 4 cylinder as well as the gas mileage. To my suprise the power of the 4 cylinder is much better than I anticipated. About 75% of my driving is about 60 mph on hilly 2 lane roads and the gas mileage is about 25.5 mpg. I think alot of this can be atrributed to the 6 speed automatic transmission which shifts almost unnoticed. The only thing I don't like is the digital instrument panel on the dash. On a sunny day it is imposstble to read those digital numbers and letters, especially if there is direct sun light on the *********** can be a distraction trying to read them. I wish Ford had an adjustment to brighten them like some other manufacturers, but according to my dealer there is none.

2011 Ford Escape

Ford Escape Long Island l Long Island Ford Dealer

2010-10-06 13:21:10

Best Car I ever purchased rides and handles awesome . I found a dealer on the North Fork that stands above the rest , Lucas Ford . They are #1 in NY for customer satisfaction and sure does that hold true . My salesman Timothy MacDonald knew everything about the new technology in these vehicles , I still call and he is always happy to help . If you are looking for an SUV this size get an escape . I compared to every brand and this was by far the best value . Thanks for reading another happy customer !

2011 Ford Escape

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