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great car but sync is a little buggy

themnmd 2011-12-12 19:15:25

i got my wife a 2011 for the space late last fall. It seemed like one of the best deals out there. We have a black Edge Sport, 300 horse power is quite nice. mpg at 20 mpg combind sounds low but most people I kknow with lexus and BMW X5 get less.Plus they cost 10-15K more than the 45,000 the Edge cost fully loaded. The larger tires and sport suspention make it handle quite well. In the snow the AWD is flawless, but this is not an off roader. The worst part is the Sync system. It is a bit buggy. The car has been to the dealership 4 times in one year for "reprogram" of it. The sync is great when it works right, maybe 80% of the tme. The quality of the interior is good as well as are the twin DVD palyers for the kids in the rear. i would recomend this car to anyone who is looking for a midsize crossover. maybe you would have better luck with sync. best rob

2011 Ford Edge

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