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2.5 out of 5

2011 Ram 2500 SLT

2012-02-14 14:53:15

I have the 4X4 SLT Double Cab and the gas mileage is awful sticker says 13 in city and i am lucky to get 11, my average is 10.4 (by the dash gauge and doing the math) and i don't haul anything. i bough this truck to haul a 7400LB enclosed trailer. The front breaks constantly squeal. I would not recommend any one to get this truck for part time hauling that is looking for decent gas mileage. I was expecting 14 in city.

2011 Dodge Ram 2500

Review of 2011 Dodge Ram 2500

2011-12-09 22:19:29

Very poor power and mileage. Stranded me for over 4hours when remote start/unlock would not work. Emergency key used to unlock vehicle which set off alarm. Attempts to start were futile. Ram experts and local dealers were clueless. Figured out a solution myself (disconnected batteries) to reboot electronics. Customer service with Ram is very poor. Owners manual says to inspect differential oil every 15000 miles but dealer says replace oil every 15000 miles. No one seems to know the answer. Replacing costs $140.00 every other oil change and that is absurd! Ram needs to provide professional guidance to their customers. $60,000 for a truck with NO customer support is shameful! Owners manual and CD are useless. Wish I had my Duramax back.

2011 Dodge Ram 2500

poor quality and poor customer service

2011-02-28 21:33:22

My new dodge 2500 with the cummins engine ran great for 1800 total miles now it's been in the shop for three days because of a busted transmission coolant line. The dealership is telling me it's going to take five to seven business days to get the part which means I will be without the vehicle for a total of ten days. So far I've had to rent a vehicle out of my own pocket that is going to run me about 700.00 but chrysler did tell me that they will reimberse me 25.00 a day. So after contacting chrysler about eight times their going to try to put a rush on the part but it is not a guarante. Chyrsler said that they will also reimberse me one months payment on the truck once I prove to them that I made the payment. But of course I havent even received the payment book to even make the first payment because I havent even owned the truck for thirty days. Point of the story is stay away from chrysler,dodge or who ever they go by now.

2011 Dodge Ram 2500

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