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3.5 out of 5

A Good Ride

2013-09-29 23:20:42

In more than 60 years of driving, and being a confirmed "car guy", I have had just about every kind of vehicle, but the 2011 Caddy SRX is my first SUV/crossover. It has many good qualitiies. It is agile, handsome, distinctive and even a bit elegant. I would have liked a few more horses, but if you flog it a little, it's no slouch. My major complaint is visibikity. The A, B and C pillars are so thick they can pose a real hazard unless one is super sensitive to this shortcoming. Passing that, I am pleased with the vehicle..

2011 Cadillac SRX


2011-03-13 22:11:51

I have a 2005 SRX and love it especially the size and the room inside for storage. I love my Cadillac cushy seats and scream Cadillac and the comfort that goes with them. I love taking the girls out in it.....all 5 of us fit comfortably. In looking for a new car I went to the dealership to look at the new SRX.....I hated it. I hated the seats that feel like condrete and the smaller interior. I also miss the storage room in the back. I am so disappointed I am going to look at a Lexus. But I will miss my old SRX.

2011 Cadillac SRX

Rat pack forgotten

2010-10-08 16:43:51

ive been trying to test drive the srx for months at diffrent caddy dealers and nobody has none setup for demos and why all the saleman have the cts and not the srx and in the past i drive bmw and i could always get a test drive before buying so i look for reviews now and thats a problem where are all the ppl that own and drive on the LIE i saw like one real person review the rest look marketing ppl stuff cadillac is suppose to be the best in american made show me i want to buy and i think there are alot of ppl like me out there back in the day cadillac was like rolex in cars wht happen

2011 Cadillac SRX

The "Cadillac" of Crossovers

2010-09-17 21:58:43

I ordered a 2011 SRX and took delivery in August. I'm not a crossover guy, but this car is similar in ride and comfort to the DTS I traded in. It's a great car, and would be a "Perfect 10" except for the underpowered engine. The car needs about 30 more HP to handle the weight which is 200 pounds heavier than a DTS that has the Northstar V8. By comparrison the DTS seems like a muscle car to the SRX. Also the milage is poor. About 16.5 is the real world with a light foot on the gas and brakes. The car is a real head turner...especially in the extra cost Crystal Red. It's worth the extra cost! The feel and handling is solid, and the ride is good. The interior is one of the best of all the Cadillacs I have owned. Fit and finish is as good as it gets. Sound system is very good, but confusing to navigate thru. Going keyless takes some getting used to, ******** nice. You'll really like this car if you don't expect too much from the power plant, and the upgrade to a Turbo leaves much to be desired considering the rating is 15 MPG City, and you have to use premeium fuel. All in all it's a beautifully designed car, and you'll like most everything about it.

2011 Cadillac SRX

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