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2011 Very different Escalade to my 2003 Escalade

AOL user 2011-07-19 11:42:23

After having so many years of great service from my beloved 2003 Escalade I decided to purchase a brand new 2011. I didn't really care much for the 22" wheels (which are an upgrade) that it came with, but the dealer said that's what they put on all of them because that's what everyone wants. The seats were very hard. The salesman said they had to be because they were heated and airconditioned. Ok. I adjusted the seat as much as possible to try to make it comfortable and told myself I was getting to be an old fuddy duddy and my old seats were comfortable because the car was well broken in. The car handled very well and had an excellent turn radius with lots of "pep" from the engine compartment, so that was a positive. I purchased the car after only having driven it 10 miles and assuming it was just me needing to get used to the "newbie." I drove it home and did a couple of errands in it and my back was sore. When my husband suggested taking it for a ride I happily agreed. By the time we left town my back was really hurting and I felt almost like I was riding in my son's Ford F-250 Super Duty Diesel truck. It had a very rough ride. When you combined it with the hard seats it was a mixture for disaster. The next day my husband contacted the dealer and they checked the magnetic ride and it was functioning properly. The 22" wheels with performance tires are the culprit, we suspect. The dealer has offered to change the wheels and it might come to that, although I admit the larger wheels are nice looking. My husband bought a 2011 Yukon at the same time for his company vehicle. When I drove it I wished I had saved the $20,000.00 and bought one like his rather than the new Escalade. I consider this the worst car mistake of my life, and I've been a liscensed driver in Texas for 47 years. It sits in my garage with 300 miles on it and I groan when I think of having to drive it anywhere. My granddaughters love it. It is a beautiful car.

2011 Cadillac Escalade

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