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Review of 2011 BMW 335

2011-04-14 14:18:11

2011 BMW 335

335 Twin scroll Turbo convert

2011-01-14 11:13:50

is__2dr_Rear_wheel_Drive_Convertible~*************************~athens~Georgia~Highway~Spirited~Fun or Weekend Car~Daily Commuting~none~none~I have owned 9 BMWs since 1996. I track some of them on weekends. I went to purchase a new Z4 but walked away with the 4 seater, 335 convert. I am amazed by the power and go cart quickness vs my 2000 M Roadster. I took my 84 year old father on an overnight business trip of 600 miles and he never hurt, loved the seats and has now driven over 125 mph. Average 23 miles to gal overall with 4800 miles todate. The new nav system is wonderful and the the stereo now downloads your fav CDs and My 7 year old and I put the top down on nice nights and play her fav DVDs as we do movie night (plays on nav screen). My Lexus brother in law loves to borrow and always has a smile. He will borrow over the 2007 650 convert. The 335 one of the best engines I have ever seen my other daughters 19 year old BF loves the engine sound better than the Mustang GT. Old men want, teen guys want, brother in law wants and wife drives it over her X5. So its a great car with a hard top convert.~false

2011 BMW 335

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