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Volvo fan buys an Audi A5

2011-02-17 18:42:47

After a year of looking, comparing, reading -- I finally settled on the Audi A5. My beloved 2001 Volvo S60 would be hard to beat. Before the Volvo I had 3 Mercedes in a row and knew I did not want the hassle of another one. The new Volvos are great and I thought that is what I would buy -- but my salesman, when I gave him my list of must haves, took me to the A5. I was amazed by the comfort, handling, and it had everything on my list. I knew I wanted a two door coupe and a sports car feel -- WOW. It surpassed all my expectations. I did drive the Volvos and I did like them very much -- but the A5 gave me the feeling I wanted in a car. I hope over the next ten years it continues to keep me this happy.

2011 Audi A5

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