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4.5 out of 5

2010 Highlander LTD 4WD Gas version

AOL user 2011-03-23 14:12:28

I waited a year and 12,000 mi to write this review. My vehicle was Japanese made so no pedal recall issues. This crossover vehicle is great--sits high, car like ride, 4WD got me out of some of the worst snowstorms in recent memory. I looked at a Honda Pilot at first, but Highlander's accelleration and braking were much better. The 3rd row seat is really useable only for storage, but I simply roll it down for cargo space and dog carriage. The 2nd row seats are spacious for two adults, and the car comes with a handy seat "filler"to make the bucket seats into a bench seat for up to three kids. I changed the oil twice so far, and the vehicle has no issues. Fit and finish were fine, no big gaps or misfit parts like I used to see on my Chrysler cars. The Highlander also pulls my utility trailer with a riding lawn mower--it comes set up for trailers and can tow up to 5000 pounds, pretty good. The navi system has its own book and has a lot of functions, but I had no problem with setting it and finding destinations on a family trip from Wisconsin to Florida. In fact, I liked this Navi better than the portable Garmin I had before or the Suburu that my wife has. I'm no computer expert, but I read the instructions and it works just fine. Screen also worked great for no hands connection of cellphone (mandatory in certain areas of my state) and for listneing to XM radio and CDs. Gas mileage for trip averaged in low to mid 20s. Overall, great family car that has some zip.

2010 Toyota Highlander

Review of 2010 Toyota Highlander

mnpmcdee 2010-10-01 22:35:37

SE4dr All-wheel Drive~*************************~Germantown~Wisconsin~Suburbs~Average~Family~Fun or Weekend Car~~Subura Tribeca~I just bought my second Highlander. This is the most confortable and compentent vechile that I've ever owned. I would highly recommend it to a young family or a retired couple with grandkids.~false

2010 Toyota Highlander

Toyota Navigation System a FAILURE

AOL user 2010-05-14 23:17:30

I have a 2010 Highlander LTD with just about everything on it. It has under 4,000 miles. Nice vehicle. However, the Toyota Navigation System is a total failure. I have tested the system repeatedly for accuracy. It is so innacurate it is not useable. I even had two dealer reps set the destinations to test the system to be certain I was not entering information improperly. Despite the fact that the Toyota system and its instruction book are extremly and unecessarily complex, I was able to enter destinations correctly after much reading and instruction. (And, I am not a novice as I have had other navigation systems which I was able to learn to use in an hour or two.) When compared to other systems, Toyota Nav fails miserably. I have found it to be about 50% to 60% accurate. That is, if you set 5 or 6 destinations, confirmed by dealer reps to have been entered properly, the Toyota system will guide you to your destination correctly only about 3 out of 6 times. It will repeatedly take you on routes that are incorrect. It will fail to recognize when you have arrived at your destination and tell you to get back on a highway when you are stopped in front of your destination. Worse yet, on the way to a destination, it will repeatedly tell you to exit a highway as much as 10 miles before you should do so. Simply put, the Toyota Navigation System does not work and should not be sold. It should be pulled off the market. One further comment is appropriate. Toyota has made the system so complex, when compared to other systems, it is difficult to learn, very time consuming and difficult to use. Unless Toyota completely revamps its next generation system due in October, it should not offer a Navigation System and cetainly should not charge for one. Suggestion to Toyota - study another system like a Volvo system and write a program that is user friendly and capable of more accurate performance. Reasonable accuracy is not too much to expect. High inaccuracy can be dangerous.

2010 Toyota Highlander

Review of 2010 Toyota Highlander

ox00000000049690 2010-04-15 16:17:02

2010 Toyota Highlander

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