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3.5 out of 5


2016-07-17 23:50:21

Have had numerous Camry's over the years and with this one its like what the heck were they thinking. The sun reflects off the front dash so bad ******** like the glare makes the window opaque. All cars do that to some degree but this is ridiculous and downright hazardous. The timing chain rattles on cold startup and engine revs up to high RPMs. Putting it in gear at high RPM makes it lunge..What are we supposed to do, wait 5 minutes for the idle slows down. Who designs these things into a car and why?

2010 Toyota Camry

Pretty good

2015-12-11 09:05:15

I have had my 2010 Camry LE for 2 weeks and I cant complain, I got it very cheap from an elderly woman that could not drive and with only 3,200 miles"It sat for a while" It does have a plain interior but nothing a seat cover cant fix. If you like a plain simple car this is the one for you. It gets the job done. I personally would not buy this new also I would not get this from a dealer considering the price.

2010 Toyota Camry

Not what I expected

AOL user 2015-01-16 13:55:02

I bought my Camry new, and have it 5 years (55k miles). I expected a more reliable vehicle, but have experienced the following problems. 1. Alignment - the Camry has a difficult time staying in alignment. Upon having my first alignment performed at the dealer after one week of ownership, they dealer confirmed that Camry in general have a problem pulling to the left. It was the termed the 'Camry lean.' Wish I would have known this before buying. The result is I have to have an alignment every 10k miles. 2. Struts - the struts leaked and needed to be replace at about 38k-40k miles. Having owned several vehicles, I have never replace struts so early. 3. Rear brakes - The rear brake pads (outsides only) had to be replaced at just over 40k miles. The calipers were sticking. I have never purchased a new vehicle and had to change the rear brakes before the front brakes - and for such an aggravating reason. New calipers shouldn't stick. 4. Oil consumption - I am starting to notice oil consumption now. All is not bad. The interior is comfortable and it does have a quiet ride. It's just the reliability items that will make me get rid of this vehicle sooner than I had expected.

2010 Toyota Camry

I HATE 2010 Camry!

mythoughts01 2011-06-28 23:11:41

We loved our previous Camry! It was perfect in every way. So, I thought I'd love this one too- but it is the worst car I've ever driven. I can't stand to drive it! The drivers seat is terribly uncomfortable after just a short drive. I'm 5'8" and apparently it wasn't built for someone my height. The headrest hits me right in the back of the head and it is uncomfortable. The way it hits the back of my head, it prevents me from sitting back comfortably in the seat. So, I usually take the headrest off and turn it around backwards to put it back on. Then it is mildly better, but still not good. Then there is the fact that I have normal arm length and this car apparently was built for someone with long arms. When my seat is placed so that my leg is comfortable reaching the pedals, I have to strain to reach the steering wheel. When my arms are at comfortable length, then my legs are all scrunched up. There is NO solution. Also, I can't see the instrument panel because the steering wheel blocks me from seeing how fast I'm driving. I have to periodically cock my head to one side to read the gauges. That isn't even safe. I should be able to comfortably see the instrument panel at all times while I am driving. I will NEVER EVER buy another Camry!

2010 Toyota Camry


AOL user 2010-11-10 21:06:15

I bought this car after beginning to have trouble with my 2004 camry (Which was an awesome car) and it has been the biggest headache I have ever experienced. To begin with I was sold a Zynon treatment to prevent chipping and such which does not work. The paint then began peeling between the grill in strips and was told that it was rock chips, and if it were the paint peeling it would resemble a spider web instead of big places of paint gone. After continually throwing a fit the dealer finally decided to fix it. In the mean time, I complained to Toyota about this issue and was told my only option was to take it to another dealership which is over an hour away and let another person look at it. Now when I am driving the car and have the lights on automatic the dash lights dim and then become brighter which they say is a change in light but the other night it was doing it in the complete dark. I also tried to get rid of it and asked for a quote on another car and was completely ignored and have yet to get that quote. If you are smart you will stay away from it, no interest sounds good but this is one deal that was to good to be true.

2010 Toyota Camry

2010 Toyota Camry Base 4cylinder Manual Trans

nar1962 2010-10-19 17:58:21

Leased current Camry December,2009 and have put 11600 miles on car. No problems to date. Fun to drive with manual transmission with good economy (28mpg suburban driving and >30 mpg highway). Not quickest accelerating car but can hold its own. Excellent shifter and clutch. Quiet, comfortable and roomy interior. Only needs oil changes every 10,000 miles per Toyota. Would like: more adjustable seats and keyless entry. These cars (with manual) are tough to find at dealerships- salesmen generally look befuddled when you ask for a manual. Had GMC Envoy before-good truck though I'm not really a truck person and gas mileage was only around 16 mpg with a gentle foot , typical for suv's.

2010 Toyota Camry

Jap crap

robtgd52 2010-10-08 13:40:29

I recently rented a camry for a month long trip to california.. What a piece of s..t..it was noisy could hear all the road noise.. cheap interior ,poor styling..what an ugly front grille.gas mileage was fair at best..Chevy malibu felt like a luxury car for the same price..toyota has been deceiving people for years and has kept dangerous defects quiet..

2010 Toyota Camry

2010 Toyota Camry should be recalled.

cbohcam 2010-08-25 03:13:56

I am here to say the 2010 Toyota Camry we purchased from Thousand Oaks Toyota should be recalled for many reasons. This vehicle has had both left and front axels replaced along with a new transmission. After all this work the vehicle is still driving just as poorly as before the repair attempts. The head Mechanic at Thousand Oaks Toyota stated to me that Toyota is fully aware of these problems but are not going to issue a recall. He went on to say he has been to mandatory meetings with Toyota and was informed of these and other issues. He said he found it strange that Toyota does not allow printouts or memos to be passed out and all notes must be taken by the individual. Here is where things get scary. The last time the vehicle was in for a repair attempt the field rep from Toyota was called out. He ordered the right front axle replaced and to change all 4 tires with some different ones. When I was called to pick the vehicle up I was told the factory rep drove the car exstensivly his official report showed everything was now fine. Wrong.. Turns out the Factory rep never drove the car aftyer the repair attempts and actually filed a false report. This was reported to me by the mechanic that had been working on the car and turns out he was the one that completed the report that was to be done by Toyotas Factory expert. The mechanic went on to state that the rep had left the test tires on the vehicle and our stock wheels had to be reinstalled just prior to my arrival. When I asked for the completed work order the service advisor said the ticket could not be closed until the rep recieved his back ordered parts for the car which no one at the dealer knew anything about. I requested that the vehicle be repurchased or exchanged and was told NO! I was told the vehicle was a SE sport and that they all drive ruff. The steering wheel vibrates back and forth and does not feel safe. Keep in mind the steering is fly-by-wire. Out of space, sorry.

2010 Toyota Camry

Review of 2010 Toyota Camry

AOL user 2010-06-09 17:42:26

The 2010 Carmry XLE is a great car! Love it. It is styled beautifully. The interior is fantastic. It has a lot of features. The sound system is great!. The car drives like a breeze, so smooth and easy, it's like cutting through butter. Love this car. I do agree however, with another review that the side frame between the front and rear windows makes looking right or left somewhat difficult, and the head rests are only up-down adjustable. These two areas could be improved upon. And...Toyota treats you like a KING, which is the way a customer should be treated! Ask someone who drives one!

2010 Toyota Camry

I'm very disappointed

tlmdecember31 2010-01-22 10:56:55

I had a 1995 Toyota Camry for 14 years and loved every minute of it. I bought the 2010 in June of 2009 and am very disappointed. The changes to the body of the car have made it extemely hard to see looking out of any direction. Looking behind you you can't see the trunk or the rear end. All you see is the rear head rests. You can't see the front end either so parking is a big problem. When turning left or right the view is very compromised by the angle of the side window frames. The ceiling is lower, less head room and causing the rear view mirror to be right in the way when looking towards the right. Also the head rests are rounded forward and very uncomfortable especially on long rides. Needless to say I will not be driving this death trap for the next 14 years, that's for sure!!

2010 Toyota Camry

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