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4.5 out of 5

Great conventional SUV

2010-12-09 11:58:21

I bought my 4Runner LTD in April 2010. So far it proved to be a very comfortable and reliable auto. We took it on long trips, also used it as a commuter and on skiing trips. No complains, only praises. The seats are comfortable, cargo area is made of very durable materials, and electronics are on par with luxury vehicles. Avg mileage is about 19 to be expected. The power is just adequate. I did not notice excessive nosedives and sloppy handling from this truck as CR and other reviews are indicating (may be they tested different trims of this model.) The ruggedness of the truck on frame is greatly appreciated and adds to the durability. Potholes, ruts and country roads are not to be feared. The breaks work great, and maneuvering is similar to Toyota Highlander's.

2010 Toyota 4Runner

Lovin my 4Runner

2010-09-03 19:22:47

SR5 V64dr 4x4~*************************~Scranton~Pennsylvania~~Average~Daily Commuting~Family~~~Just got my 2010 4Runner about 2 and a half weeks ago. I love everything about it, can't complain about anything!!! I have wanted one for 16 years, I traded my 2002 Rav4 in for my dream car. I'm a faithful Toyota driver and always will be. There is so much room, rides great, not bad on gas especially with the economy driving feature. Even third row seats are roomier than I thought they would be. This is a gorgeous masculine tank and is fun to drive.~true

2010 Toyota 4Runner

2010 4Runner Limited - 4WD of the Year

2010-07-11 18:45:19

Love both my 4Runners 2010 and 2005. Having adventures daily and never disappointed with performance. Good milage, shure footed, reliable, and big fun. Kayaking and camping are a breeze. Coleman bed in back, Fan-tastic 12v fan on console, skeeter beaters, and viola. A cool RV you can sleep in. Another 4Runner classic. Cargo tray makes everyone jealous at events. You may be happy but you can be even happier with a new 4Runner. I like Champion Toyota of Austin for their sales and service. They have always treated me like family.

2010 Toyota 4Runner

Review of 2010 Toyota 4Runner

2010-04-25 18:00:22

I deeply regret buyig this car. It is a Mickey Mouse makeover of what was a good, small SUV. It has a jack rabbit gas pedal, poorly engineered rear seat belts with the right side one hanging across the view out the rear window. The seat heater is has only one level-too hot. The vear view camers is positioned near the outside spare so about a their of the view is obscured and the picture in the rear view mirror is too small to see anything behind the car when backing up. For $31,000 it could have had a garage door opener and a compass. The GPS has a compass hidden beneath layers of options in the program. Lastly, the ride is bumpy on most roads.

2010 Toyota 4Runner

2010 Toyota 4 Runner

2010-04-18 19:46:31

I have my 2010 Toyota 4 Runner now for 3 weeks and I am very satisfied. In my opinion it drives nicer then my Cadillac SUV that I had before. It is less noidy and I get better mileage I think. I would definitely recommend this vehicle to a friend. The options on the SUV are superb, good amount of storage. The only thing I am missing is the heated seats, the seats are heated but not the backs which would have been nice. Other then that, I woujld give it a two thumbs up!!

2010 Toyota 4Runner

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