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4.5 out of 5

Review of 2010 Subaru Outback

2010-06-22 09:13:37

I have owned my outback for 6 months, love it, fuel milage is better than expected, 24 local 31 hwy.Ride is better than my last vehicle, a BMW X3, better milage more comfort and handles just as good or better. Vechile has plenty of storage space, and the spare tire is easy to retrive, not like the BMW which was under the vehicle.I think I will be a loyal Subaru owner in the future when it becomes time to replace current vehicle

2010 Subaru Outback

Great machine

2010-04-14 23:22:21

I love this car. Didn't think I would, coming from a BMW330xi (AWD). I am a skier and the utility of this is amazing. I got the limited model, and am very glad I did. Comfortable heated leather, back up camera, everything I need except folding mirrors and rain sensing wipers (one of the great features of the BMW). I was disappointed at first with the 22 mpg I got on my first ski trip to Canada, but the car was only a few days old. I now get 28.2 mpg in mixed driving and low 30's on the road (on regular). Cars are very personal, but I really like this one. I got the 2.5 and CVT, and power is adequate for my needs, the 3.6 would be overkill for me. I took a ski trip all over Montana and Wyoming for a week, and it was perfect.

2010 Subaru Outback

Review of 2010 Subaru Outback

2010-04-06 11:50:33

This is my 2nd Subaru & I am quite disappointed. The view through hatch window is too small & too many obstacles (headrests, belt straps & just too small. The dashboard has way too many reflective surfaces which I imagine were supposed to look "sleek". Why is there no remote hatch control? I am not tall & so there is NO WAY to swing the drivers visor around to the left window when there is blinding sun. The visor just hits the head rest...that's it. Had I tested it for a more extended ride I would not have purchased it.

2010 Subaru Outback

Great Car-well improved

2010-03-06 10:09:24

Just traded in 2008 Subaru Outback ll Bean edition. Loved it, but lease was up. Researched this upgraded model and took one for ride. Loved it immediately. More interior room and higher body leads to more comfortable ride and better vision all around. Performance with 3.6R is great. I've taught evasive driving to police officer for years and find this vehicle to be excellent. Smooth through any type of turning, cornering etc. Puchased this one with intentions of driving for a long time.This vehicle is high on my list of recommendation for an affordable alternative to higher priced competitors.

2010 Subaru Outback

Love my new Subaru Outback!

2010-01-19 11:54:58

We were looking for a smaller SUV, but were not impressed with the CRV or RAV4. We looked at the Outback and Venza and chose the Outback for the following reasons: - Slightly less expensive - Great convenience features (roof rails and cargo cover have places on the vehicle instead of your garage) - Motor Trend SUV of the Year Award - IIHS safety ratings - Great ride and fuel-economy - Comfortable We have about 1K miles on it and still love it!

2010 Subaru Outback

Review of 2010 Subaru Outback

2009-10-04 20:43:09

After nearly 20 years of suv ownership starting with first year of ford explorer and later a jeep grand cherokee, I found it hard to consider going to a compact suv, even with the fuel savings. This new and restyled outback made my decision easy. Its larger interior seating, both front and rear makes it very similar to a larger suv in comfort. Ride quality is also excellent, both quit and responsive. While not designed to win any races, the 2.5l has acceptable power for the average driver. The paddle shifter makes the cvt auto transmission almost fun to drive on winding and hilly conditions. All around, a very nice ride for someone looking for a practical people and dog hauler, with a 30+mpg highway rating.

2010 Subaru Outback

Now if it only had folding side view mirrors

2009-08-25 09:21:19

Purchased the Outback Limited with the aid of clucker dollars. My Explorer had almost 100,000 miles on the clock and needed major transmission work so it was time.. I now have 500 miles on my new Subaru and enjoying the complete package. Being just shy of 6'2" finding a vehicle that fit was the first task. The new Outback is very comfortable for both front seating and rear passengers. The new CVT transmission is so smooth and quite. Lots of storage under the rear deck is great. The HK optional radio with blue tooth works seemlessly. So far my average MPG is over 21 with mostly city (Long Island) driving. The roof rack design is enovative. The reclining rear seats add to the passenger comfort and the rear center shoulder seat belt retracks into the roof liner. My suggestions to Subaru are: make the side view mirror foldable, add temp, volt and oil pressure guages. I am a very happy overall with the vehicle and the dealer. The small footprint crossover has more room inside then most. My rating for performance is based on the 2.5 four cylinder motor. Considered the 3.6 six cylinder but, opted for better MPG over horse power.

2010 Subaru Outback

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