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2009-09-28 13:47:55

The Ride is awful. Very SMALL bumps and smooth roads SUPERIOR ride. But other size bumps gives bad jolts and it's very uncomfortable and aggravating. Rear View awful: obstructed by low hatchback, head rests and passengers. This causes problems parking, backing up and can cause accidents. Engine is fairly quiet but ROAD NOISE IS PRONOUNCED, WORSE THAN 03-07 prior generation lancers. The Insulation material must be inferior, like the cheap plastics on the dashboard, which also scratches very easily if you put anything on the dash at all. See it for yourself. Tap ************** hollow. The stability control is not perfected as the car sometimes doesn’t stop in a straight line. It quite often veers off to the right which could cause an accident if a car is coming from your right. Back support is awful on the front seats. The lower back is well supported but the middle and upper back are not. It never touches the seat causing cramps and fatigue. The Continuous variable transmission is very smooth and the 2.4 liter mivec 4 cyl engine, gives excellent power but NOT GOOD fuel economy compared to competitors Toyota, Kia, Honda, and Ford. No remote lever inside the car to release the trunk and No light in the trunk. You can’t see anything in there at night + The trunk is small! Key disaster: it costs $300 dollars to buy a new key plus programming because the keyless entry, immobilizer, alarm, computer chip are all on the key instead of in a separate box?? + The Half way alarm is active, not passive. Insurance is higher on this car. The buttons on the steering wheel are not illuminated at night. This is a very poor car for the city but better for long highway drives with very smooth roads. In my opinion, this car is an engineering NIGHTMARE. Mits built a superior engine and trannie and then went to sleep on the rest of the car. I would never buy this car again or any gts from 08 to present. Though this is the worst, most costly but most handsome of all.

2010 Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback

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