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2011-04-13 13:40:01

My 2010 Tribute is a good little SUV. Gets better gas milage than the Ford Explorer I traded in. I have a black interior, which is very hard to keep clean with all the dust and pollen in the spring. The A/C is quiet except when you direct the air flow to the floor. Very noisey and it seems like not as much air comes out as when the air flow is directed to come out the upper vents. Noisey 4 cyl from a stop. When accelerating from a slow roll, like the light changed green and you didn't have to come to a complete stop, this vehicle NEVER accerates smoothly. It lurks forward which is very agravating! Hard to see out of the back when backing up because of the rear seat headrests. Other than the interior hard to keep clean, the lurking forward and the A/C directed on the floor, this is an OK vehicle. I'm getting 28 mpg highway, which is most of my driving.

2010 Mazda Tribute

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