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4.5 out of 5

Trouble Car

AOL user 2011-03-03 12:10:51

I knew better not to get a Kia. After reviewed several sites, the car is highly rated. So I purchased a Kia Soul 2010 in July 2009. Yesterday I took to the Firestone for inspection. The front struts are leaking. My car has 50,600 miles. Thank God it is covered under the warranty. I had Mazda, Toyotak, Honda and Saturn over three years without major problems. It is too expensive to maintain. The car is poor gas mileage. It advertised at 30 highway 24 city. Actually, 28 highway. 22 city. It is the same mileage as Mazda 5. Noisy ride, does not handle well on the curve around I-80 to Tahoe. I was terrify to drive on I-80 to Truckee.

2010 Kia Soul


blackonyscat 2010-12-25 15:53:44

I got my 2010 Soul in Nov of 09 and been in love with is ever sence. The Dealer in SLC was great. Mine is the Smoke. Gets great gas milage intown and on the interstate. I have told many people ******** a great car. Im only 4'11 so its a little of a streach to drive at times but I love it. Being 37yrs old its a great commuter car and handles very good in the snow and Ice as well. With the saftey features it would be a great first car. I Have friends that call it my tyco push car ******* cute and fits me. Even my Father likes the car and anyone that drives it falls in love with it.

2010 Kia Soul


cain1109 2010-07-30 16:51:14

Car looks good, but the ride is rough, seats are uncomfortable, after 15 or 20 minutes the seat back feels like a board. Mileage around town is only 22 to 23 mpg. I have a 2008 Cadi Dts with northstar V-8 that gets 19 to 20 Mpg. For a car that weights 1000 lbs less with a small 4 cyl the mileage is very diapppointing. Wife wanted it so I bought it. I guess I'm stuck with it. Would never buy another one unless they improve mpg and seats.

2010 Kia Soul

Amazing Car for the Money - Just an amazing Car!

tmichaelny 2010-06-12 15:47:05

I bought my 2010 Soul in April of '09 and it has been a pleasure to drive. At 6'4", most sunroofs cut me off at the forehead. With the Soul, I have a huge sunroof with room to spare. The backseat is generous, too. The seats are comfortable. Extras like power windows, mirrors, XM Radio were all I really needed, and it came at a price of most other cars stripped. Its great for hauling big stuff home. I highly recommend this car and can't wait for a convertible/soft top version! The KIA dealership in Wake Forest, NC was amazing, too. Pleasant, no pressure and honest.

2010 Kia Soul

Review of 2010 Kia Soul

surelynott77 2010-06-08 23:05:27

I do a lot of freeway driving and find my Soul to be good for this. I have put 20,000 miles on it and get a solid 35 miles to the gallon including the city driving. I like the design and easy to manuever size. I would like a more powerful engine, but being able to down shift when I need the extra umph works. I have compared the back storage space to the cube and it comes out on top. I am sure I will get another one in a year or so and well consider extra power at that time. When I come driving down the road, everyone knows it's me. I was disappointed with the dealer, Spokane Kia, because I had brought a car in hoping to use it for the Cash for Clunkers trade in and was advised that this wouldn't be available until sometime in September. It kicked in 20 days later. Found out later that dealerships were aware of this. It was my first new car purchase and first time with a car saleman. I have considered it a lesson learned.

2010 Kia Soul

Amazing to have as your first car!

kiroskutie 2010-05-22 18:00:18

I'm 17 but next year the ownership to the car will be handed over from my mom to me. I use the car often to transport myself to school, but the Soul is a great and comfortable car that is very hip and in style. I also recommended it to my mom because the price range is really good for a new car. There is lots of room even though it looks small. It's not the fastest car on earth, so I wouldn't refer this car to anyone who loves mustangs or any fast sport car. The radio is easy to handle, especially with volume, am/fm, cd/usb, and satellite radio buttons all on the wheel. I normally can go an entire week back and forth to school (25 min drive) without having to fill up on gas until the weekend. Also, I often get people staring at my car very aggressively. This bothers my mom and I because they act like the car is an alien rather than just another car on the road. I own a black Soul Exclaim and I have only seen one other in my area that is the same color. I'm unsure why people turn heads to the car and glare (Even while on the highway), but I love this car anyways!

2010 Kia Soul

Great car!! Not happy with Clearwater Dealership

dreamchaser0250 2010-05-02 10:14:32

My Soul is great, loving the mileage in town is usually 25 or more mpg. The soul is cute and hanlde very well. I've been upset with the dealer for the way the transaction has been handled. They didn't pay off my trade in for over 2 weeks, prompting the other company to debit my checking account for a payment on the car I traded in!! It took a month to get my new registration, and a refund I have from this dealer won't be mailed for 2 weeks. I did notice my downpayment was deposited right away. I made several calls to this dealership, and most were never returned. The car is great, so far, just be careful what dealer you purchase it from.

2010 Kia Soul

from two to four wheels

cartzar1 2010-02-12 22:16:33

After riding a motorcycle for teh past 3 years and the cold weather last month. My cycle days were over. I had settled on either the scion xb or Xd after test driving the two I decided I liked the XB. Then my wife told me about the Soul. I quickly changed my mind after just sitting in the Soul. The driver set was much more confortable and roomier than the driver seat of the XB. I am 6'3. The options were amazing even for the base model. Love the Sirrius radio. No more running antenna wire through the car. One week later a called the dealer (Gunther Kia, the staff is the BEST!!!!) and they accepted my motorcycle as a trade at a fair price. Oh, I was so impressed with the vehicle and the reviews on line by drivers and expert,(experts ranked the Soul higher than the XB and Cube). I did not even test drive it. This was not a mistake. Enjoying every mile. Heading to Daytona this weekend can't wait to see what it does on the highway.

2010 Kia Soul

Review of 2010 Kia Soul

k4krj3 2010-02-04 14:09:21

This is one amazing machine. I traded my 2004 KIA Amanti for the SOUL at Suncoast KIA in Venice, Fl. Great dealer and great service as well it should be. I bought the Exclaim (!) model; color is labeled Alien, but my radio buddys call it the "green bean." Terrific handling, love the sunroof, the XM Sirius Radio and Bluetooth. The storage area at the rear is marvelous. At my age, I really didn't need the front door speakers that glow in the dark to the music, but they do. This car makes me feel young again and that's all that counts. Mileage after about 1000 miles on it runs about 30, even with city driving.

2010 Kia Soul

Love my Soul +(also had a Soul base) not a single minus.

maxflyjohn 2009-11-08 05:38:50

I originally bought the Soul Base as a cash for clunkers purchase.($4500 for an 86 Audi 5000--easy decision) I had it for 3 months and realized I loved it so much I traded it in for a Soul + to get the bigger engine and other amenities knowing I would keep this car for a long time.(only lost about $800 by doing it this way). I love the room inside and all the amenities. The styling is great and better than most on the road and cant beat the price. It makes me smile every time i walk up on it and even more when I am in it. Can fit my golf clubs sideways behind the seats with no problems. Seats down and you can haul real cargo. Also just found out the Soul + seats(the "Soul" logo) glow in the dark---they need some serious light but it is a little hidden touch. I WOULD RECOMMEND THIS KIA TO ANYONE WANTING STYLE,FUN,GAS MILEAGE,ROOMINESS,AND THE BEST WARRANTY IN THE INDUSTRY!!!!!

2010 Kia Soul

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