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3.5 out of 5

2010 Elantra GLS

2011-04-27 05:33:28

I got this car used just a few months ago. I would have never thought of purchasing a Hyundai but decided to check them out after my cousin swore how she loved hers(she owns two). I had a 04 Toyota Corolla S and loved it but was skeptical about purchasing a new one due to the problems they were having. Plus I wasn't exactly thrilled with the new design for the Corollas. I found a really good deal on a used 2010 Elantra with only 9,000 miles on it. I took it for a test drive and absolutely fell in love with it. It rides so smooth compared to my Corolla and it is super roomy inside the car. I love the fact that the dash lights up BLUE and it has more get up and go. Plus the price was awesome compared to what I paid for my Corolla S in 2004. I paid a good 5 K less and feel like I got so much more. I even have a USB port, which is standard in most cars now...but I love it.I can store 1,000's of songs on a flash drive if I want to! No more carrying around cds and having them get scratched and lost. The satellite radio is awesome and you get a few months free with purchase....(I did even though my car was used, which was strange, but I'm not complaining!) There are only a few things this car lacks. The External Temp Gauge is missing. I really miss this after having it on my Corolla for 7 yrs. Also, there is no Engine Temp gauge, just a warning light if it overheats. Isn't that usually standard? The seats are beige in my particular car which I'm not thrilled about, but they make seat covers for cars with side airbags now. Also, what is up with no car mats? I just picked up a set for 30 bucks at Auto Zone and they are very nice and durable. The gas mileage is good in this car. Not quite as good as my Corolla was though. I also do not care for the plastic hubcaps. I prefer the rims, but oh well. I would have gotten the SE model, but heard the ride is rough. Overall though I think this car is really nice for the money. :

2010 Hyundai Elantra

I'd never guy another one

2011-03-04 16:37:23

gas milage is no where close to what they market. drove well for about the first two weeks. The transmission not a good one. at 6000 miles it sounds like the transmission of a car with over 150000 miles on it. does not shift well. They brag about their great warrenty but they don't tell you that if you use gas that contains ethonal your powertran warrenty is void. Do you know how hard it is to find gas stations that dont have at least some ethanol in their gas. especially if you are on a long trip where you aren't familiar with what gas stations are available. This is the last Hyundai I will ever own.

2010 Hyundai Elantra

2010 Elantra Touring

2009-11-06 21:24:04

I have had my Chili Pepper Red Touring for @ one1 month.It is my second Hyundai having an 07 Sonota also. I have taken it on 2 trips-220 miles RT and 120 RT. It has@ 750 miles on it . The car handle well-has plenty of pep for the vehicle and gets very good gas milage. I,m getting @ 26-27 city and 32-33 on the road. Terrain is mostly flat( Florida)and weather hot-air runs 99% of the time.I drive 70-80mph on hgwy. with no problems getiing up to or maintaining speed.Interior is nice roomy and driver friendly.$700 pkg. is well spent for roof rack -tilt telescopic steering wheel -alum wheels etc. Xm is great.Only negatives rough on bumpy roads and a little slushy with auto @25-30 mph. Overall a great roomy enjoyable car for the money.

2010 Hyundai Elantra

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