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Honda Fit - 2010

2015-10-31 06:33:49

I had a 2001 Honda Civic which I drove to 170K before the transmission went on it. Original engine and never put any money into it. Went to buy another one and found that the head room on the newer Civics were not as good. My dealer asked if I ever thought about a Fit which I thought was small and never did give it much thought. Turns out, I bought a 2010 Honda Fit with Navigation. Even had a plug in for my Apple iPod to play all of my tunes. After 93K miles now, I have never changed the brake pad, get 32 mpg average, never put one cent into it other than oil changes and still on my second set of tires (the first set came with the vehicle. Car runs great and some stories on the interior room....brought a chest of drawers back to PA from SC in it while still having room for golf clubs, luggage and other stuff. Also, bought a glider for the front porch from Home Depot that the guy there says I couldn't get it in my car......wrong! The back seat back flips forward or backward to provide room where you need it. Amazing! I'll buy another Fit and its better than the Civic and for less than 20K??!!! You gotta be kidding. And the car looks like the day I pulled it out of the showroom............what more can I say....I'm Honda forever.

2010 Honda Fit

Review of 2010 Honda Fit

AOL user 2010-09-01 14:49:44

I love my Honda Fit! My last few cars have been Honda Civics, but my two miniature Wire-hair Dachshunds needed room to move around. The rear is perfect and it is so easy to get them in and out with the hatchback. The mileage is great and seats are very comfortable. There are huge windows all around and lots of cup holders, as well as many other extras. The best part? It is bright RED. My husband and I are each 78 years old and he likes it as much as I do.

2010 Honda Fit

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