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4.5 out of 5

Very Good Utility Vehicle

AOL user 2011-02-24 09:57:09

I bought an Element to use in the wilds of northern Arkansas. We lived 3 miles down a dirt road that could get extremely muddy at times. The Element did very well in all weather conditions. It is quick, not cushy. For a long trip, it is not the most comfortable. I removed the back seats and have a very large cargo area. No reliability issues so far (30000 miles), but that is an expected Honda outcome. I hope to keep mine for several years and give it to my grandson. A good niche vehicle!

2010 Honda Element

My 5th Honda

AOL user 2010-08-08 22:56:05

This is my 5th Honda and I love it. Quality is what you would expect from Honda perfect. I test drove many differnt models, and just had to have another Honda. The inside of the Element is great I love not having a carpet the floor is very easy to clean. Seats are great and the sound system is the best. The design well I love it--many do not. Honda keep up the good work and Ill be back again!!

2010 Honda Element

Honda Element

AOL user 2010-07-11 01:25:14

I got my honda element 1 year and 4 months ago brand from the day I have submitted this review. Besides the fact that the car is weak (low horse-power and overall strength) the car is very useful and would be considered a very ideal car for average families or college students. As a male 20 year old, I really want a fast sports car and really dislike the performance. However, the car is very reliable(does not cause any problems) and spacious. I can put in 15 mid-sized boxes and 1 mini-refrigerator, but the car will have a hard time accelerating. Many of my friends have made fun of the exteriror design, and I personally dislike the shape. But in conclusion, the car is really useful and practical to your daily life. If I bought a sports car instead of this, I have no idea what I would have done.

2010 Honda Element

This truck is growing on me

gadact818 2010-04-03 05:47:51

I traded in my old Chevy Blazer (clunker) for this Element. I really wanted the Nissan Rogue but the rear cargo hatch is a one piece deal with no flip-up window. The Element was the ONLY small SUV that had the flip up rear window in it's class. I haul lumber and 'stuff' that is over-sized and sticks out of the SUV. The tailgate needs to split to be able to effectively haul the 'stuff', and NONE of the others (RAV4, CRV, Rogue) have this feature. The color selection for these SUV's is too limited, I wanted white & honda doesn't make it!!?? I settled on silver (the lightest color) and a 2-wheel drive. I like the fact the Element comes standard w/stability & traction control, so 4-wheel drive isn't needed, for me. I really wanted utility & economy, and the little SUV is doing okay. I'm getting 21-22 mpg around town (with CONSERVATIVE driving), 19 if I use a lead foot. I even drove it out to CAL for the hollidays & got 24-25 mpg w/the cruise on 80. The Element has good pick-up, even when loaded. It has a much more solid feel than the old Blazer, and is 600-700 lbs lighter, too. It can be loud on the road, but mine came w/satellite & bluetooth and are much used. If you use a cell phone (and who doesn't), the bluetooth is a necessity. I'm happy w/the Element, and begining to even like it.

2010 Honda Element

My Second Element!

AOL user 2010-03-07 21:25:20

I have owed many Hondas - A year and a half ago I traded in my much loved Element for another Accord (my 6th) when gas price were rising. I have missed it ever sense. I live an active life style - I had the rack on top - but even though I am fairly tall, had difficulty getting my Kayak, bike etc on the top of the vehicle... then I discovered I could fit my Kayak right inside - my bike and any other equiptment I use for activities. I love the easy to wash floors after I haul flowers and bags of soild for gardening. It is like having a pick-up - simply flip the seats up - or take them out and I have a hugh area to haul whatever is needed. Last week I traded my 2008 Accord for a 2010 Element and am so excited to have my Element flexablity for the upcoming Spring & Summer months. I plan to purchase the tent and use the Element to camp out in the Adirondacks so I will be ready to climb the High Peaks at first light! My only 'dislike' was the seating - which they changed in 2009 and the seats are now very comfortable in my new Element. If you are looking for a flexable, fun vehicle this one will grow on you. A vehicle is just a mode of transportation for me...but this one makes the journey fun and completely suits my lifestyle!

2010 Honda Element

Great Vehicle

AOL user 2010-01-04 12:28:31

I have never owned a Honda so this is a first. My nephew had one for a work vehicle and he liked it so we went looking. We are pleased with everything about the Element. I am 6,2 and weight about 280 and have plenty of room and the ride is very comfortable for us. I was surprised at the pep of the 4 cylinder engine. It has plenty of power to cruise at interstate speeds and still get good fuel mileage.The back seat arrangement with the stadium type seating works really good with the grandchildren because as one put it, I can see out. The sound system is great and we really appreciate the back glass with the tailgate. All the features of a truck without all the hassle. If anyone is looking for a smaller SUV this is the one.

2010 Honda Element

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