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5.0 out of 5

Very Impressed

2011-12-20 06:46:44

Have not owned Ford in decades. Have owned many Hondas, and most recent car (my wifes car) was a 2005 Nissan Altima. Wanted something newer, more safety features and something she could use her new iPhone with. Found a 2010 Fusion SEL, I4 model for only $15,400 with 38k miles. This car gets great gas mileage. Diving home from buying it (Jack Demmer Ford, Detroit) got 33 MPG. Has lots of tech features, but we really like the SYNC system. Has a steep learning curve, but once you learn it, really handy and easy to use. My wife loves the styling (thinks more sporty than her Altima) and the dash lighting. Has a sunroof and back-up and blind spot warning system, which she was very impressed with recently backing out in crowded mall parking lot. The leather seats are heated, and heat up fast and are very comfortable. The trunk is very large, and the rear seats fold down easy. Very quiet interior as well. The Sony 12 speaker, 390 watt system is amazing, and has lots of neat features as well. Probably the thing she likes most (which is not unique to Ford) is having the streaming bluetooth music start automatically when she gets in car, continuning last thing or source she was listening to. Overall we have been very impressed with this Ford, and would recommend a newer Fusion to anyone

2010 Ford Fusion

2010 Fusion SE - not wonderful

2011-07-24 13:36:37

Bought this 2010 Fusion SE, 4cyl., new. Now have 22,000 mi. It's a decent quiet, good handling car. Brakes and suspension are great. Seating is poor. Most unconfortable passenger seat I've ever ridden in. Saddistic SOB designed head rest to give neck injury from constant forward lean. Trunk space is great. Mileage is decent - averaging 28 mpg all around, 31- 32 highway, though the trip computer always shows 2 - 3 MPG higher than actual. Drivers seat is decent for short trips, merely OK fro longer trips. Interior room is limited - for no good reason the console is way too wide, cramping leg & foot room. Back seat is only wide enough for 3 small kids - but not 3 car seats. Leg room is good in back. Rear visibility is extremely poor due to high shelf - this is partially compensated for by extremely good side mirrors, still, backing up is a chore. For a car with supposedly high quality marks, I'm not impressed. All 4 doors make different closing sounds, clank, thud, click, and bang. It's been to the shop 4 times already for starter electronics, transmission shift point x 2, and HVAC fan control - still not fixed. Engine is decent, but not very strong. Tranny downshifts way too soon on coasting, causing unwanted engine braking. I have an old Taurus with 110,000 MI. It gets within 3 mpg as good of mileage. Has much more room, Is much more comfortable, has more predictable steering, and has much more usable power even though it is heavier and rated as less HP. The Fusion does handle and ride better. The car istotally focused on the Radio - synch was supposed to be a big selling *********** more annoying than anything. The radio controls take up valuable dash space, making the HVAC controls hard to see and hard to find. I want to spend $20,000 for a rolling radio, no matter how trendy. Safety is a big selling point, but the #1 safety feature - auto on headlights - was not available on the SE. Made in Mexico not the USA. Way Over-Hyped, but OK.

2010 Ford Fusion

This car saved my life.

2010-09-21 15:24:55

I owned a 2006 Ford Fusion SEL V6 for three and a half years and couldn't have been happier. In February 2010, I was involved in a major car accident where the driver of a large SUV rear-ended me traveling more than 50 mph. The extensive damage totaled my car, and although I was injured, I was impressed with how well the car performed. When I was struck, my ABS kicked in when I slammed on the brakes to prevent hitting another car. But what ultimately saved me was the overall constuction of the car. The front of the SUV was in my trunk, but the entire backseat remained untouched. After losing my car, I couldn't think of another car I wanted more than another Fusion. It has been 7 months since my accident and my 2010 Ford Fusion rides like a dream. I owe Ford my deepest gratitude for continuing to construct vehicles such as this for years to come.

2010 Ford Fusion

Very Satisfied

2010-08-16 18:15:10

I have owned my fusion SEl, 2.5 liter for 6000 miles. Problem free. Quiet, peppy enough and rides smooth. Love the SYNC system. Today, I was careless and went to change lanes on the freeway without checking my blindspot. The small car in the blind spot honked at me and I had to make a quick swerve back into my lane. The fusion was very responsive and stable. Good job Ford.

2010 Ford Fusion

2008 SEL Ford Fusion V-6

2010-04-13 16:10:24

I have owned 51 New Vehicles in my life so far. Sixteen have been various picu-up's, most have been cars. I have owned high-end Beamers, Nissan's, Caddies, Buicks, I do not like Chevrolet Produts at all, PERIOD even though I have liked some Buick Models. Also a variety of other makes. However, my 2008 Ford Fusion has been my very favorite vehicle thus far. I added some high performance aftermarket add-ons that have improved both gas mileage and overall performance which was not lacking by any means in stock trim but can be so much further ehnhanced with the proven aftermarket stuff that is out there if you are careful with your research. If you drive a Ford Fusion you are sure to fall in love with it and if you do not fall in love with this car then I would go as far as to say you have very poor taste in cars. For the money, dollar for dollar there is nothing out there that offers more bang for the buck. Ford did not take bail-out money because they have their ducks in a row. Buy American and buy a Ford. You will be delighted with the superb quality and fun is also a big factor for me. The Fusion is not perfect but it is so close that I will buy a new one if I can ever wear this one out.

2010 Ford Fusion

Innovative Car

2010-02-20 09:35:40

The car of the future is here. The Fusion is not a luxury car, but it has a lot of amenities of one. The SYNC feature was a major reason for purchasing this car. The BlueTooth feature goes beyond voice calls, but also allows you to stream music from your phone including Internet radio (if your phone supports that.) Even without a Navigation Unit, SYNC Services provides audio turn by turn directions with text turn notifications displayed on the radio. While listening to music the audio is automatically reduced to play these audio notifications and then music audio resumes. Automatic dual-zone climate control and passenger/driver heated leather seats. The front chrome grill makes heads turn. Even with the 4-Cylinder engine this vehicle moves. While you are't going to win any races at the lights, once you get it moving the ride is smooth!

2010 Ford Fusion

this is one great car

2010-01-13 22:54:27

i purchased a 2010 fusion sport awd from dan wiebold ford in nampa idaho, i had looked at a wide range of vehicles given the challenges of weather etc, this awd fusion fits every niche i might have for driving sporting summer days thru sure footed safe handling on ice and snow. the 3.5 v6 is pretty good on fuel but the interior fit and finish is world class, the bang for the buck here is awesome, thank you ford.

2010 Ford Fusion

Review of 2010 Ford Fusion

2010-01-13 18:04:29

What a remarkable suprise! I test drove a 2010 Tuxedo black SEL Fusion last September & was swept away. The power & sleek designare great & the leather interior is very comfortable. The whole sync package & AWD just adds icing to the cake. After driving huge Toyota & Nissan SUV's for over ten years, I'm plesantly suprised to be so satisfied with this exceptional vehicle & pleased with the ecomnomical & evironmental savingsto boot! Cheers!

2010 Ford Fusion

Awesome car

2009-11-10 13:21:44

After looking at several brands and models of midsize cars, I was extremely impressed with the Fusion Sport. Car magazines give it mediocre ratings, but I am blown away at the styling, features and quickness of this car. Interior is miles ahead of other cars in this class. Love the ambient lighting!

2010 Ford Fusion

Review of 2010 Ford Fusion

2009-11-08 17:52:48

I was looking for a new car and went to Dumphys's ford in phila.pa. I tried the fusion sport and loved it immediately. Fast ,agile and beautiful (sangria red). I'm glad I came back to ford.

2010 Ford Fusion

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