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2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid

One Year Aniversary Report

stempomj 2010-04-18 09:56:20

I have had my Ford Fusion Hybrid for one year. I would buy it again. I've had it out on a few very long road trips and even when driving at 70-75 mph the car delivered 38.7mpg. The 4 cylinder's pickup is well matched and the car can get out of its own way. The aspect that I did not think about is that when you are occasionlly stuck in traffic for whatever the reason. the car will stay in EV mode and let you creep slowly, stop and go, at infinite miles per gallon. Leather seats are comfy, heated feature is great, controls are well laid out, the GPS touch screen and Sync systems are a joy to use, very good handling, quiet, nice tight, firm controlled ride (no old Detroit float boat stuff!). The styling is smart without being over the top and doesn't "look" like a granola eating hybrid. Trunk, a bit tight but then the battery hs to go somewhere! As an engineer, I bought this car for its engineering values, I have not been disappointed! they were extremely hard to find when I bought mine. There was a line of folks behind me as I put it through its paces and I signed immediately afterwards, much to the line's being upset.

2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid

2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid a fantastic automobile

popwoerm 2009-12-30 17:24:10

The best car I have ever owned. 39mpg on 1348 mi trip to Florida. I have made some 6 to 8 mi. city trips at 60 mpg.Car is sharp looking and real comfortable. Actually it is fun to drive.I got caught in the Blizzards in So. Carolina and Virginia the traction control worked beautiful.Navigation system is awsesome. Great Car

2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid

Review of 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid

bsue313 2009-12-03 14:01:58

Hope I am as excited about this vehicle after 100,000 miles as I am now! Hard to find fault with it. Comfortable, fun driving, great handling, great technology, excellent Sony sterio and sync system, great instrument panel, more power than I expected, 40 MPG average for 6,000 miles prior to onset of winter. Will be interesting to see how it performs in the snow and ice. Engine runs more to generate heat now and mileage is dropping. I feel much more relaxed when driving this vehicle than any others that I have owned. Have talked to a Prius owner who mentioned the same to me. This vehicle has brought a little excitement back to driving.

2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid

2010 Fusion Hybrid is better than the hype

holway5 2009-12-01 20:59:33

I've had this car for over 2 months now. I bought it on research and reviews. The ideal conditions for a hybrid: warm climate, good mix of city/highway, traffic, flat roads are what I face every day. After over 3,000 miles my mpg average is 42.8. I drive 30 miles a day to work. It has cut my gas bill in half. I got the full monty: leather, surround sound, sun roof, Sirius, etc, because I was so confident I would keep this car for years. My confidence has grown. Awesome machine. It has good pick-up too and it looks way better than anyother Hybrid on the road. If you want the best Hybrid on the road, your search is over.

2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid

Hybrid vehicle

AOL user 2009-11-04 18:50:29

I considered this car after a family member bought a sport edition. I ordered mine with leather and surround sound - after reader prior reviews. I honestly do feel the vehicle mimics a BMW3 series, the black metalic paint is great. The ride is very similiar to the lexus' I have driven - extremely quiet and smooth. Pickup is fair, although I am not an aggressive driver. The first tank has yielded approx 39 MPG with my commute averageing about 41 mpg. Based upon the prices of other vehicles I have looked at I feel this one is an excellent value ,although I cannot vouch for long term durability and resale - I did purchase an extended warranty.

2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid

A great car and fun to drive, what more do you want?

ted1016 2009-08-11 18:07:57

This is the first car that I ever ordered without driving a similar model. I ordered min in February and took delivery at the end of April, 2009. The sales man wanted me to drive a 2009 gas version prior to purchaing but I was convinced by the research I had already done that this car was going to be special. I was not disappointed. The quietness of operation coupled with the acceleration is exceptional to say the least. I have found that my best highway mpg of 38.8 MPG was achieved when I ngauged the cruse control. The Microsoft Sync. makes trips fun in that the car and the driver ecome connected. Five adults can ride quite comfortably and the Sony sound system gives every occupant quality sound. My other vehicle is an F250 Super Duty and as much as I love to drive it, I find myself wanting to drive the Fusion more than I ever thought possible. Don't settle for anything less. While the gas versions of the Fusion are nice, if you want the best midsized sedan built by Ford Motor Company, then you owe it to yourself to test drive the Fusion Hybrid. I promise it will be a test drive you wont soon forget.

2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid

Ford Hits a Homerun

AOL user 2009-07-12 12:04:17

I picked up my Hybrid on March 31st 2009 so I made the $3,400 tax crdit deadline. That is not what convinced me to buy this car. It was all the articles written by many auto industry writers. In fact I ordered it in Jan 2009 without even seeing or driving one. My brother had been driving a 2009 Fusion and loved it. I have owned almost every make of car Audi,Toyota,Mercedes,Porshe,Lexus,Volkswagen,Chevy,Cadillac,(Ford **************** this car has been the most fun to drive and the 502A option gives you everything you could want in a car. The gas mialge has been GREAT with my longest trip of over 250 miles getting 41.6 MPG. MY only issue is with the fit of the leather front seats. Mine had so many wrinkles that the dealer got Ford to approve putting in new seats and they were much better. Overall I think Ford has set the bar and I am looking forward to their next car the Focus all electric car due out in 2011.

2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid

I got myself a Ford Fusion Hybrid

AOL user 2009-05-19 00:30:06

I was so impressed with the quietness and interior of the Ford Fusion Hybrid that I bought one -- fully loaded. The technology is amazing! The best MPG I have gotten so far was a 38-mile drive, from Banks, OR to Wal-Mart on 82nd Ave in Portland. The drive involved highway, downtown traffic, and hills. The on-board computer report for the trip was: 42.8mpg avg. 0.8 gallons of gas used. I had the air-cond on and we were 4 of us riding on the car. With the Ford Escape V6 3.0 I replaced, I would've gotten less than 15mpg. GREAT CAR!

2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid

Ford's evolutionary step

htaterbug 2009-05-03 07:01:38

From the early sixties through the eighties, I decried the lack of quality and vision in all but a few vehicles. It's amazing that with their backs against the wall, the "iron from Detroit" took a big step forward. I was sure they would go out like the dinosaurs, moaning and struggling in the proverbial tar pit of their greed. The Fusion Hybrid makes me feel good about the automotive future.I felt comfortable the minute I drove it away from the dealer. My trade-in, a 2007 Camry V6 XLE with nav and leather, faded from my memory immediately. I have owned at least twenty-five previous cars, from Audi to Volvo. My Fords were a mustang and a SHO. This Fusion has me re-thinking my personal top vehicle. Comparing apples to oranges, I'd say it has replaced my BMW as the favorite. The car makes sense. This should be a winner for at least ten more years.

2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid

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