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4.5 out of 5

2010 Ford Escape is cool

2016-04-10 12:01:46

Driving the escape is just like fiddling with a woman's breast. I'm deeply in love with it

2010 Ford Escape

2010 Escape XLT 2.5 4WD

2010-07-25 17:31:41

After doing the normal shopping of all the competition, my wife and I settled on a Ford Escape. It was going to be her car so she was majority rule. We purchased a 2010 Escape 2.5 automatic XLT with the 204A package, and 17" chrome wheel package. She like the way the car drove over all the others, and prefered the styling. We took the vehicle on a 3,000 mile trip and averaged 26.4MPG at an average of 70MPH with A/C running. The 2.5 did fine with 4 adults and luggage in the back going over mountain ranges. Downshifts were frequent however and using the button on the shifter to overide the overdrive was necessary. Overall we like this vehicle. And after owning a 2001 Escape and a Mazda Tribute that both broke the 100,000 mile marks with NO issues we know the reliability of this vehicle will rival any other brand.

2010 Ford Escape

Review of 2010 Ford Escape

2010-07-15 15:27:28

Purchased my first Ford Escape in January. Great car, seats very comfortable. Love the leather interior and exterior color. The dealer went beyond to accomadate my requirements for color and equipment. After many years of purchasing other SUV's, this is the best.

2010 Ford Escape

Never Buying a Ford Again!

2010-06-10 23:19:27

I had my vehicle in the shop within a month. After multipule visits and attempts to fix the problem Ford Corporate said my noise "was a characteristic of some Escape and Marineer models"..."there are things to be done to temporarily fix the issue but it will continue to be an annoyance for the customer." Reference Special Service Number 21233 (if you can find it). Ford cannot fix problem and will not replace the vehicle. My Ford is now a very expensive POS. If you happen to buy the Lemon on the lot, be ready for a huge headache.

2010 Ford Escape

Review of 2010 Ford Escape

2010-06-02 19:02:21

We just traded our 04 Impala for our Escape. I love the light tan mist and black trim.The car seems to handle well, will know more after our 6000 mile trip in July. We are already missing a few features however,no temp,milage gage or garage door opener. We thought we were getting the sirus radio to try for a few months but the option involves buying and installing the radio for another 300.00. We also feel we were hooked into the warrenty pkgs without fully understanding the price or details of it. Oh well if we need it I guess we have it. All in all I think we will be glad we bought it but I do miss my sporty Impala.

2010 Ford Escape

Proud new owner of a flex-fuel Escape

2010-05-21 00:22:58

My wife and I bought our Escape last February and we are very pleased with it. Retired - we downsized from a 2002 Focus and a 1994 Ranger - wanting a single vehicle that is big, but not huge, powerful, but not crazy hot, and safe (six air bags and a five star safety rating sold my wife). Our Escape fills our requirements and is a fine vehicle and would not hesitate to recommend an Escape to anyone. I especially like the flex-fuel ability, and there is a filling station that has 85 Ethanol within one mile from where we live. I hope that in the future there will be more 85 Ethanol available and more vehicles able to burn it. I think that's the future over EV's and foreign dependence on oil and our Escape is the perfect vehicle to lead the way.

2010 Ford Escape

I'm a Trader of Love

2010-05-09 16:18:27

I first owned a Lexus RX300 and I loved it. But, it was time to trade her in she had 184k miles on it and it was "just time". So, I did some homework on SUV's and I never really looked at the Ford Escape because many years ago, I didn't like them. To me, they felt boxy and just not comfortable. Well, I went to Koons Ford of Baltimore since I live near by and one of the Sales people there (Chris Taylor) suggested I "just test drive" the Escape..so I did. When I did...I fell in love. I absolutely love my 2010 Ford Escape and it's so much fun to drive. Ford has come a long way in this SUV. I'm still learning how to use the Sync operation with it ******** fun. I love how I can just talk to my SUV and say "Call Mom and Dad" and the SUV says "Call mom and dad on cell or at home?" and I say "on Cell" and she calls it..and I'm talking to my parents hands free, it's amazing...and fun! There is so much more this SUV does I learn every day. The dealership was by far THE BEST EVER! I'm not saying that to give them a Plug for business, ******** true. Make sure to see the finance guy Steve as well...just an amazing experience through and through. If you're looking for an SUV get the Ford Escape...and escape into a world of happiness.

2010 Ford Escape

I love my Escape

2010-05-02 08:49:50

i have an 09' Escape, I love ********* practical, gets good gas mileage and looks great. the backseat folds ********* perfect for my Two 100 lb dogs ! I totally recommend the Escape.. the price and value you can't beat..

2010 Ford Escape

Ford Ecsape is my Escape!

2010-04-14 21:39:29

I purchased my 2010 Ford Escape about eight months ago (August 2009) and I love it! It is light on it's feet. The six cylinder model has great pick up and drives like a car only better! My truck has Sun & SYNC system-which means it has a sun roof and SYNC system. If it's within your budget the SYNC system is a must have. It helps you get directions, receive and make phone calls safely and so much more! It also came with a free six month trial of Sirius satellite radio which I have since renewed. The radio that came with my SYNC system is great! I love to take long rides in my Escape and the seats are very comfortable. It seats four adults very confortably. You can get three smaller teenages in the back seat without a problem. I have been able to squeeze four adults and three kids in my truck for a very short ride. I have easily fit ten (10) suitcases in the rear without a problem. One thing I wish Ford would have done was made nets for the cargo area. Things tend to fly around back there. One other thing that I really love about my Escape is that it is easy to park because it fits in a parking space of an average sized car. This is really great since I live in the city. Most of my driving ins highway driving and my Escape is very responsive. All in all I would highly recommend the Escape. This is my first Ford car and I'm VERY happy! I previously drove a minivan and this is a definite step up.

2010 Ford Escape

2010 Ford Escape XLT Sport Appearance Package - Black

2010-02-07 10:19:52

I am really enjoying my new Escape. I have had it about 3 months now and love its handling in the winter weather. The vehicle is comfortable but a little snug for adults in the back seat. Decent cargo room in the back as well as plenty of power for the V6. I bought mine with the sports appearance package which included 17 inch black wheels, black bumpers, black wing on rear and all black interior. Would have liked to had heated seats but I was getting pretty picky. I do hear odd sounds from time to time, but no issues. Overall a great buy for the money.

2010 Ford Escape

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