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4 out of 5

Great for the money

2014-02-14 08:23:38

Bought a 2010 Journey in a pinch when son totaled his car and while I'm really a GM guy, didn't have time to wait for sales and Journey was the best for dollar. I have the 4 cyl and it is underpowered. Took a long trip with 6 people and the car was really struggling. Good styling, been very dependable for the past 60K, lots of storage in little nooks an crannys all over the place, FWD terrible in the snow, I can't even tell you how bad the uconnect blue tooth thing is. On-Star so so much better. Probably the most dangerous is the steering. It is so sensitive one flick or the wrist at high speed jerks the car in whatever direction you flicked to. Still, a great, low-cost, family friendly, attractive looking dependable vehicle.

2010 Dodge Journey

Review of 2010 Dodge Journey

2010-06-05 20:19:28

Very good car and for the price you get a lot of amenities. Has a quiet, smooth ride. Great sound system and lots of room. Would recommend this car.

2010 Dodge Journey

Review of 2010 Dodge Journey

2010-04-15 01:04:07

great suv. much more spacious than an equinox or rav. Much better price too, with more amenities. Love it

2010 Dodge Journey

Review of 2010 Dodge Journey

2009-12-02 20:32:56

2010 Dodge Journey

Dodge Journey is an outstanding car!

2009-11-04 23:08:42

I like cars! In the past few years I have owned everything from a Dodge Magnum, a conversion van, a Chrysler Hemi, a Sebring Conv, Dodge and Chrysler vans, and two BMW convertibles. (Dealers like me)! Even tough they were all nice this early juncture, my 2010 Journey is the nicest vehicle, in every aspect, that I have owned of all those listed above, as well as for many years before, bar none! The Journey is well made with good attention to detail ...comfortable ...quiet, with plenty of power...very nice looking with it's "white/gold" exterior...and just plain fun to drive! I'm planning a trip to the SW next month and looking forward to the "time on the road" to truly enjoy this fine vehicle. Chrysler (Dodge) "done good" with the Journey and should really be more aggresive in promoting it. I'm gonna be keeping this one for quite a few years!!!

2010 Dodge Journey

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