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2.0 out of 5

cts premium awd 2010

2016-03-22 13:59:55

liked car traded in for 2014 Mercedes 350 in mid 2015. tranny never knew where to be below 50 mph, gas mileage 18 mpg, same trip Mercedes 25 +. Dealer support bad, brake system failed 1 month out of warranty, no help from caddy, $850, even lost my car when I took it for oil change, another customer drove it home, 6 hours later they picked it up. when looking to trade it at 65,000 miles, offered me $3,500.00 less then Mercedes gave me, and the newer models price had skyrocketed. Paid more for Mercedes, but well worth it, had 4,000 miles paid $45,000, added $2,300 and have 5 year unlimited mileage warranty, dealer does everything including pick up at home or work and leave loaner. Love Mercedes feel, just better, seems like different level.

2010 Cadillac CTS

Car and Corporation Very Disappointing!

2011-06-19 11:41:18

Fertile12: This is the least luxurious of the "luxury cars"! Dealer lied about features such as automatic wipers, no longer available in 2010! They probably saved $25 by removing this convenience without publicizing. The premium leather seats wrinkle after a few days and Cadillac Corp. sends a "kit" to supposedly fix it. BUT, it happens again and they simply shrug it off. The car is a cheap fake and we can't go back to the crooked dealer, which folded, nor the owner who comitted suicide. Cadillac Corp. is greatly to blame because they covered up the failings and protected the dealer after many complaints. Finally, the Corp. was cheated also and suffered losses. The Japanese and German competitors must be delighted with this scamming firm!

2010 Cadillac CTS

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