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The BMW E60 M5 is simply amazing

Darren 2018-09-21 19:30:01

I have had my M5 for slightly more than a year and I keep learning more and more things about it every month. Although I have had 2 previous BMWs (older 3 and 5-series) and now 2 Porsche's, this car is a blast to drive. It is so powerful, I sometimes forget to go into M mode to play with all 507 ponies. The luxury, suspension and brakes push it over the edge IMHO. It is hard to believe that this 4-door sedan was introduced in 2005 yet no other 4-door sedan has exceeded its 204 mph top speed. The design is certainly different than the M5s produced before and after it, but that stands to reason why it is well on its way to becoming a classic. Perhaps because it might be the last naturally-aspirated and only V10 BMW has dropped into an M5, it is special. Sure, YouTube will show you what the car is capable of doing, but the joy of driving the vehicle is great, even in less spirited fashion. It was NOT designed for street-racing or 0 to 60 performance. However, once you merge onto the interstate (or autobahn), most everyone agrees that it becomes a beast... and it's performance is downright scary.

2010 BMW M5

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