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5.0 out of 5

Fun, fun, fun

2014-12-25 10:56:17

This is my 3rd Smart car. I had a 2006 Smart Fortwo hard top and a convertible before this one. It is the most fun car I have ever owned. I look forward to the new upgraded 2015's when they come out. I am sure I will buy one. My 2006's would get close to 60 mpg on flat ground at 55 to 60 mph.

2009 smart fortwo

Review of 2009 smart fortwo

2010-07-23 17:28:40

I have owned my cabrio for two years now. I still get praple coming up to me almost daily to ask about this car. It a fun car to own and drive but it is not for everyone. It is not a performance machine like my E Class Mercedes but she gets great milage and runs on a budget. Suprisingly roomy inside ( I fit easily and I am 6ft 4in and 290 lbs). I do not like to drive this vehicle in the snow and high winds will be felt more than a heavier car. The only complaint I have is the 15 inch wheels allow you to feel pot holes and large bumps. If they could improve the suspension this car would be close to perfect. Air conditioning is excellent as is the heater. Cruise control would be a good option but it is not available in my model. Excellent commuter car.

2009 smart fortwo

What they don't quite tell you on-line

2010-05-21 08:43:03

>The automatic transmission takes a LOT of getting used to. It is slow in first, takes a long time between gears, and slows during the shifts. NOT a jackrabbit start; more like a turtle. Plus, you must floor it to get decent acceleration from a stop. >Once up to speed, the handling is good, but the electric power steering is not precise. >The sightlines of the Cabriolet are very poor in the rear quarters and directly out the back. You will have blind spots. >The "panoramic" roof on the coupe is a full glass roof, perfectly engineered, but the sun cover is only partially opaque. The sun will come in. The cabriolet top is opaque. >You can fit a lot in the back. Yesterday we put seven plastic shopping bags, plus a full 30-roll pack of TP in the back, and only filled it half-way. >The 2010 model year, if it's ever built, will be short, as they are already planning the 2011s. >No more Brabus (high end) until the 2011 model year. >Every car will have black on it, even the Brabus silver-on-silver. All Cabs have black tops. The gas cap covers are stickers, which fall off when they get hot. >There's no jack. There's a leak sealant and reinflation kit tucked under the passenger seat carpet. But you get free towing to a dealer for the first year. >The warranty covers everything but tires. >Service intervals are 10,000 miles/1 year, and are basically an oil change. Some dealers provide loaners, others don't. >There isn't enough internal storage space for all the things you ordinarily keep in your bigger car. Plan ahead. Go to Target or Wal-mart and get some accessories (in-between seat holders, trunk organizers) to compensate. >Because everything is engineered so precisely, things that are easy on bigger cars are different. E.g., checking fluids requires actually removing the front hood, not just tilting it up. It's easy to remove, but tricky to re-install. You'll get the hang of all of the little "push here, bend this" over time.

2009 Smart Fortwo

Best ever!!!

2010-02-28 10:46:33

We went to check out the Passion not believing we could both fit in it with our 2 small dogs. We are not small people:) Couldn't leave the showroom without it. Took it up the mountains the first day and was shocked how it handled the curves and hills. Passed all the cars on the road. Smart car Denver is the best dealer ever. Very helpful,not pushy,polite, willing to help. We would recommend these people and cars anytime. It is so fun to see peoples expressions when our little squirt zips away from them. Everyone should buy one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We did get alittle worried when the gas gauge wouldn't move. 54 miles to the gallon on first tank. Still working on the first tank.

2009 Smart Fortwo

Nice Little Car, written by a person who actually owns one !

2010-01-04 09:31:45

Reading reviews by people who don't own one of these cars is sort of like flying on an airline with a pilot that dosen't know how to fly. Reading comments like "didn't buy", or that you "sit too close to the windshield" are written by people who have some sort of negative agenda towards this car. I currently have six cars licenced and insured, including my 2009 smart Passion coupe. When I purchased it I was aware that it is not a pickup truck, a minivan, full size 4 door sedan or suv. It is a small vehicle for two people that is super easy to park, roomy and easy to get in and out of (I'm 6'3" tall), cheap to buy, and easy on gas. The amazing part of sitting in this vehicle is that if you were blindfolded and then had it taken off after sitting in it you would think you were in a much larger vehicle. On super rough under construction roads like 50 east in Orlando, you have a bit of a rough ride but under normal conditions the ride is very satisfactory, with a bit of sports car flavor. On the open road I find the car to be very happy and solid at 60-65 at faster speeds like on the Turnpike, when you are running 75, which it does effortlessly, you can sometimes feel the tractor trailers that pass going in the 80-90 range. We find that there is plenty of room for grocery shopping behind the seats, and we have the 4 compartment device from Uhaul, which many people have in suv's and minivans, to stop items from rolling around. The automated manual transmission is a bit different and is not as smooth as a regular automatic. I have no problem with it, but my wife wife who is used to fully size G.M., having driven Bick, Olds, and Caddys for the last 25 years, finds it a little hard to get used to. Also I find it shifts into 5th gear too early under some conditions, and requires going back to 4th with the paddle shifter. We use the car mainly for local trips, but have made several 70-90 mile trips (each way) and I think the car would be fine for a commute.

2009 smart fortwo

I love my SMART!

2009-10-07 17:25:06

I absolutely love my smart. My husband wanted me to get a convertible sports car which is the last thing that I want. I picked this car out and have fallen in love with it! It has pick-up, it's cute, and it is different! One of the main things I look for in a car is it's strangeness. I guess as I look back that is why I have owned some pretty different cars like the Aztek. By far, it has been the most fun!

2009 smart fortwo

Smart and sassy!

2009-09-27 16:29:22

I bought my Smart in July with the intent to take it from NC on a trip to NYC. We just got back last week and my Smart lived up to every expectation. Gas mileage was excellent (44mpg) and the comfort level was no worse than other, bigger cars I've owned. It is easy to drive and you definitely don't have that 'crunched up' feel that some small cars have. I'd buy another today if something were to happen to this one.

2009 Smart Fortwo

Love My Smart Care

2009-09-27 14:58:48

Purchased my Smart Cart (Passion) with a $4,500 stimulus credit for a 1999 Suburban clunker with 279,000 miles. It's my second car used primarily for weekend fun. So far, it handles well and has a lot of pep for such a small car.

2009 smart fortwo

Love my Smart Car!

2009-08-05 09:02:39

I just bought the 2009 Smart car twofor. I love it. The quality can not be beat for the price. I used the Cash For Clunkers Program for the down payment. I got $4500.00 for a clunker that was not worth more than $700.00. You can't beat that deal. The interest rate on this auto loan was 4.2%. Great deal. The Smart car is made by Mercedas Benz. That's quality for sure! Ther Smart Dealer in Bedford Ohio was great. No high pressure here!

2009 smart fortwo

Review of 2009 smart fortwo

2009-07-10 23:05:36

2009 smart fortwo

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