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Big Suprise

2009-09-24 17:12:58

In forty years of driving a lot of cars I never expected that a Volvo could be so much fun. The car is a blast to drive and it is the most comfortable car I have ever driven. You point it and it nicely goes where aimed. I've driven my M-Roaster for ten years now and I am amazed how the corning is so close. Naturally, it doesn't accelerate like the Roadster, but on a long trip it is easly my choice. They did a nice job with the interior and styling. The controls are handy and easy to use. The stereo is great and I can figure out how to eject the CD. The power with the Turbo is more than adequate and the gas milage has been a nice suprise. Twenty to twenty one in town and that's with the A/C on. The back seat is extremely comfortable for two. To date I've not been able to find one problem and it has performed as stated. They are not inexpensive, however I think I would have to pay about $6000-8000.00 to get this package in other brands. I looked a long time and drove a lot of models before I settled on the S-60. I'm glad I did. No, I'm not a Volvo salesman. I'm just an old retired guy who finally made his wife happy with a car she really likes.

2009 Volvo S60

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