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5.0 out of 5

Shubham 2020-04-15 07:13:31


2009 Volkswagen Tiguan


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2009 Volkswagen Tiguan

Great car

HackerOne 2020-02-28 22:45:56

It's a pleasure to drive, it's quiet, stylish and handles amazing!

2009 Volkswagen Tiguan

Love my new Tiguan

sratlover 2010-02-14 20:27:47

I have always been a huge fan of VW. This is my 6th VW and the first time that I tried a small SUV. I absolutely love this little car. I travel 115 miles round trip daily. Can you think of any other car that will last like VW's? I don't think so--and this SUV is great in snow! My other choice was Honda and lets face it the car is just plain ugly--and noisy. Thank goodness I didn't look at Toyota RAV4--or I might have been in for the race whether I wanted to or not. This SUV is the best car made for the small CRV or SUV. Try one and then use the sport mode--it is just plain fun, reliable and really pretty.

2009 Volkswagen Tiguan

An Absolute Pleasure

dnsontn 2009-09-13 22:20:17

An Absolute Pleasure to drive. Quiet comfort and sheer power. European styling and handling on twisting Tennessee roads. I was hesitant to buy a premium fuel vehicle, but know now I will never regret chiding this VW. This is the whole package. Drive it and buy it. You won't regret it.

2009 Volkswagen Tiguan

Hidden Treasure

AOL user 2009-09-11 14:57:01

attractive exterior, (base) more power than the competition @ 1mpg sacrifice. Drives,handles and sounds wonderfully. Cruises nicely and sprints even better.I was originally looking for the panoramic sunroof, but was swayed by the 6-speed manual. If you're in the market for a small SUV, give a Tiguan a try.

2009 Volkswagen Tiguan

Review of 2009 Volkswagen Tiguan

centralmarinel 2009-05-27 13:06:22

I traded in my 07 Nissan Altima SL for this car and like it a lot (it could use a few more bells and whistles). I'm not a red car person but I bought it in in the wild cherry red and think the color is awesome. It has the same engine as my husbands 2006 GTI and can really get up and go. I have no problems passing in this car. The sound system is good for the base model, I like that it comes stock with ipod adapter. I don't brag about the gas mileage in this car, I only get about 18 city. Overall I think it's great. We'll probably be upgrading in a few years because we will outgrow this car but for the time being it's a perfect fit for my family of 4.

2009 Volkswagen Tiguan

Love My Wild Cherry Tiguan

cpogordon 2009-05-20 16:33:21

Have owned my Tiguan S since October 2008 and love it. Has the same great engine that was in my 2006 VW Passat except I get better gas mileage average 22 mpg in City driving which is considerably more than the EPA estimated 18. As stated, it has a great engine in the turbo 2.0 which provides excelleration when you need it - you won't have any problems passing with this engine. Comes with an excellent automatic transmission, quality interior, great stock sound system, and solid braking. Love the versatality of this small SUV/Crossover.

2009 Volkswagen Tiguan

Blue Tiguan SE FWD

tsimmsjr 2009-04-22 09:44:51

We Bought our Tiguan at the end of March 2009.. Traded in my Suburban Diesel. From the first test drive i was sold.. it handles well, holds the road and gets exceptional fuel mileage.. have to put premium in it.. ******* cheaper than diesel. Will purchase another.. probably next yr only this time i'll get the SEL. Very happy with SUV

2009 Volkswagen Tiguan

Shouldn't be such a secret!

vacablvd 2009-03-19 20:03:47

The only reason I even looked at this car was because it kept coming up in other searches I was doing while car shopping. After driving it, I was sold, hands down. Now a few months later, I am only still thrilled with it. I went with the SE. Everyone is right, the sunroof is amazing. Nearly the entire roof is open. The car actually comes with lots of little surprises like the cooling vent in the glove box, the heated seats and the ipod input. The gas mileage is true to the estimates.For short hops around town, I get a solid 20 or better. On the highway, I'm hitting 24-25 comfortably.The car really is amazing. Solid feel. Well made. Handles smoothly. The turbo adds some real get-up and go which is great for NY highways. (I live on Long Island) Overall, the car is good looking, roomy and all around great. Well worth the price!

2009 Volkswagen Tiguan

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