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4.5 out of 5

Review of 2009 Volkswagen Passat

2009-02-14 14:03:16

I switched to the VW Passat wagon after two leases with Saab, the 9.5 sedan and then the 9.5 sportwagon. I find the Passat to be superior in every way to the Saab vehicles. The interior spacing is generous, leg room, shoulder room, an open feeling. I find the 2.0 turbo superior to the Saab 2.3 in both acceleration and fuel economy. I am averaging 22.5 mpg with a mix of city and highway driving. Vehicle has a well built feel and apearance.

2009 Volkswagen Passat

Best Euro Sedan Value Period

2009-01-08 20:45:09

I tested the A4, 328, and c-class. The Passat is as good for $200 less per month on a lease. Build quality, design, engineering are excellent and equivalent to the A4, 328, and C-class. The turbo 2.0 is a marvel for its power and efficiency. The car is fun to drive and very comfortable. The interior dimensions are equal to the A6, 528 and E-class. I replaced by Mercedes C280 4 matic. The Passat is more engaging to drive. Sign and drive, with the first month paid, and 3 years of scheduled maintenance makes this car the best value in the mid-size sedan category. Well worth every penny at full sticker. The amazing thing is that this vehicle would cost $21,500 if the Euro/Dollar was 1/1. Who could build a car like this at that price? Not the Japanese, not the Koreans, and not the Chinese. How do they do it?

2009 Volkswagen Passat

A superb instrument for comfort and styling. Great control on highway.

2008-12-27 20:07:14

2009 Volkswagen Passat

Ipod adapter and overall

2008-12-21 02:22:16

The last reviewer is confused as to the ipod adapter. Take advice from an owner. If you get the glovebox adapter then the VW radio displays songs and functions as the interface for the ipod! DUH! The car is great and a great value for the money as compared to BMW or Mercedes...also has a solid and not thin chinsy construction...very safe car with many standard features that you would find on $60K+ Mercedes cars and the 2.0 Turbo(200 hp & 207 ft.lbs torque,0-60 mph in 6.9 seconds...I clocked it myself!) gives you much better fuel economy then listed. I get 20.5 in the city (Pittsburgh, PA). Pittsburgh is extremely hilly! Once I get this car on the Highway I average 33 MPG. It says use premium 91 octane but runs quet and economically for me on 89 octane without pings or engine light coming on! With the 18.5 gallon tank I can take a 600 mile trip before a fill up! Traction control, stability control, posi differential and ABS standard and it's front wheel deive. Size and room of a 5 series BMW with a price less than a 3 series! I'm 6'1" with the seat mostly all the way back and a person of my size can sit behind me with plenty of room. Heated seats,6 disc in dash CD and satelite radio pleather seats that look and feel like leather that are easy to clean and won't crack, pull up sun shades for all 3 back windows and much more. Never had any problems with my VW. If you don't want to spend the 25K on Value edition then check out the Jetta because that car is a little smaller but also packed with many of the same standard features. In the Jetta the ipod jack is in the center armrest. For a drivers car that has European styling and road feel then either car is for you!I also had a 2006 Passat that was great and the only reason I got a new one was 0% financing and VW added many more standard features I wanted without raising the price.

2009 Volkswagen Passat

Details are important

2008-12-03 12:34:23

Failure of attention to detail is inexcusable... Take a look, but don’t buy, the optional iPod adapter. Tags are not displayed on the radio nor can you access the controls or see the music information with the iPod buried in the glove box. Clearly a kludge, this option is both clumsy and inelegant as is Volkswagen’s refusal to correct this shameful pretense. Why even bother Volkswagen? Do it right or don't do it at all! It makes me wonder what other defects have been concealed and not dealt with.

2009 Volkswagen Passat

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