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Bargain Audi

fbobberts 2009-05-02 08:38:16

The 2.0 FSI is the same engine as the small Audi turbos. Styling is still a bit too (meh) Jetta but the features on a car of this trim are outstanding, including excellent crash protection and stability control. The car is only about 3200 pounds so the 200 HP engine propels it well. I own the manual but suggest the DSG version, as it peforms just as well- maybe better. The real gem is this engine, as it delivers near peak torque at only 1700 rpm and it has a long broad power curve. The turbo is fantastic at 6,000 feet here in ABQ. VW seems to have found an interesting balance between power and economy the Japanese are not matching - Overall I get 29 mpg in mixed driving, more than 50% city. On the highway if you choose not to ******* the car can cruise in 6th gear at 60-65 at about 2000 rpm and deliver about 33 mph. And- well - If you want to ********* you can drop it to fourth and with that turbo 100 mph is just seconds away. Not a long build up - seconds. The car generates incredible pulling force at 4000-5000 rpm, and the turbo makes wonderful whooshing noises handling all that exhaust. You never get the feeling even at very high speed that the car does not have more. Governed at 128 mph, it still felt like the engine (

2009 Volkswagen GLI

Volkswagen GLI Jetta and diesel - Hot Cars

AOL user 2009-05-02 08:25:10

I have a turbo powered diesel with 6 speed automatic for 2 years and it is a HOT and FAST giving 50 to 56 miles per gallon on the highway at 68 mph. Overall I average 45 to 48 miles per gallon with local driving and zipping around off the line. It handles like an audi A4 - and the price gives a great value - it really blows all the others off the road and there is no battery to replace after 6 years. And these newer models are even better..... wranglerRS NJ

2009 Volkswagen GLI

One Hot Jetta

AOL user 2009-02-11 12:03:09

This car is hot.

2009 Volkswagen GLI

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