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4.0 out of 5

VW CC (a.k.a. Certified Crap)

2015-10-03 20:10:36

I received my 2009 CC used in late 2013 with 42,000 miles. First issue: Tire cupping. Road noise was unbearable until I bought heavy duty tires to the tune of $800. This has helped somewhat but the problem still exists. Second issue: Manifold intake and carbon build up. Of course I was 500 miles from home when this problem occurred. VW took care of the problem but it was still a big hassle. Next up: Rear main seal failed at 65,000 miles! The seal was an inferior piece of cheap rubber that VW would not own up to. Total cost for this repair........$1200 because the entire transmission has to be removed. Last and not least (and probably not the last problem) no sooner than the $1200 check being cleared at the bank, the water pump failed which is another $1200 repair. I am so disgusted with this piece of junk. I will never, ever own another VW.

2009 Volkswagen CC

Nothing but disaster

2015-03-28 09:21:08

Do not buy that great looking and stylish piece of crap unless you are ready to shell thousands of dollars for repairs. 2009 CC Luxury. Yes, it has been a luxury you can't afford to own. VW should be ashamed for putting together such an unreliable vehicle. We bought it new in 2009. Now it has 70K miles. I also have a $7K dent in my wallet for repairs. Water pump failed. It takes half a day to have it replaced. The fuel pump and fuel pump module failed while driving and left me drifting with a dead engine in the middle of traffic. The ceiling lining is falling apart and it looks like as if I went thru a car wash with the windows open. Did I mention the failed latch for the trunk (yes, there was no way to open it unless I lowered the back seats and reached for the emergency lever). Bad, bad, bad. Stay away from that disaster of a car. It has great pick up though, when the car works.

2009 Volkswagen CC

Bought New CC in April 2009

2009-12-01 17:08:50

The car is beautiful, no doubt about it. It is, however, the most uncomfortable car I have ever driven. Even with the Lux edition, the suspension is sport-like and it rides like a jeep, not a 40k luxury car. Also, the mileage estimate is grossly over-estimated on the sticker. I average 23 mph on the highway and about 14 in town. The car ahs been back to the dealer on two occasions to look at this and I have been told that nothing is wrong with the fuel system. I also was charged for a 6-disk CD changer, which was not in the vehicle. I was told the nav system takes place of the CD changer. However, on the sticker, both cd AND nav are listed and were charged for. VW has done nothing to rectify this. The brakes scrub terribly. I was told this is the result of High-tech braking systems and is normal, yet my neighbor's CC has no such issue and get's better mileage on average. The car is beautiful and turns heads, but honestly, I wish I had never bought it. I have been looking to trade it even though it is only 8 months new. I will never buy another VW after my experience with this one.

2009 Volkswagen CC

Gas tank on the 2009 volkswagon cc sport

2009-11-16 19:09:44

I bought a 2009 volkswagen in January 2009. I wondered if anyone else had problems with the fuel tank and gauge. This will be the third problem I have had. the first time the fuel tank was replaced, second time eroneous reading on the fuel gauge which resulted in the car stalling on the Taconic State Parkway, now the third time it is refusing to accept gas in the tank which was the first problem before the tank was replaced. Today was not a good one in dealing with volkswagon, I am hoping someone will come and pick it up from my driveway and give me a loaner tomorrow but we will see. I am not a happy camper. I would like to know if anyone else has had this problem.

2009 Volkswagen CC

Review of 2009 Volkswagen CC

2009-10-17 20:45:57

Ive had the car or a month now and Im stopped everyday and ask what is it. A very nice car sporty fun to drive and a touch of eleagance. A diffinate head turner

2009 Volkswagen CC

Love my new car

2009-08-08 10:20:08

We had an old truck that we traded in and I love my new CC Passat. I handles like a gem... and the ride is really comfortable.... Love the inside and out side look.. People stop and ask me what it is because there is no model number on trunk and they cant believe it is a passat.

2009 Volkswagen CC

back to volkswagen!

2009-07-19 08:50:06

after being a loyal volkswagen owner of several differnt models over the years, i recently turned in my saab to return to volkswagen....a CC to be exact. I LOVE THIS CAR!! i have the luxury model, fully loaded and boy is it! so many more features than cars twice the price!!! drives like a dream, super fast, eye catching styling, comfy seating, lots of room and storage galore! so far, i can't say enough good about this car.......if i could change one this is that i wish the panoramic sun roof would slide open, but i know that would spoil the sloping roofline. we'll see if the love affair is still going on in a couple of years!

2009 Volkswagen CC

Review of 2009 Volkswagen CC

2009-06-01 04:30:09

2009 Volkswagen CC

Great Car!

2009-03-30 20:30:25

The CC is fun to drive, comfortable, and has great performance for a 4-cylinder. The only complaint is the Bluetooth system. The Mercedes’s Bluetooth system has phonebook download. It would be great if the Bluetooth could be operated from the navigation/media screen. Considering the overall quality and value of the car… this is very minor. Also, Iron Gray is a beautiful color. I owned two different Chevys for 9 years. I just finished grad. school and was looking for an upgrade. My mother has been the owner of three Mercedes's..... also had a number of Ford's, Chevy's, and a Toyota. She wondered "why would I want a Volkswagon when I could have a Mercedes's". Then, I took her to the dealership to test drive the CC. My mother had to eat her words ..... the CC’s value could not be compared to any of my considered cars. Now she's thinking about getting the Touareg 2.

2009 Volkswagen CC


2009-03-21 00:11:31

I find it interesting that only one review was bad. I own a VW and I have to say it is my last one. VW's pricing, service, and customer service is severely lacking. I have had numerous problems with my VW and I see now that the 4yr/50000 mile warranty is gone, not that it was truly 4yrs/50000. I think in this economic time VW will find the consumer less like to purchase their products.

2009 Volkswagen CC

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