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4.5 out of 5

Review of 2009 Toyota Tundra

jetsfan1954 2010-11-14 10:17:14

Hey good bad ugly,I was wondering if you were blindfolded when you bought your tundra.That had to be the stupidest review I ever read. PS STICK WITH FORDS & CHEVYS.

2009 Toyota Tundra

good, and bad, but ugly

AOL user 2009-03-29 00:06:08

awesome power! great fit and finish. bad ride quality. TERRIBLE customer service from toyota (not dealership). maintenance and repairs are astronomical compared to other brands. very ugly truck. will NEVER buy another toyota!

2009 Toyota Tundra


Steve4910 2009-02-09 08:14:46

A special messege to the guy name FAT TUNDRA that made a posting earlier, So what that your Tundra can't fit in your 20x20 garage!! That's not Toyotas fault. You talk total nonsense about it going to rust and get dirty in your garage. If you can't fit it in your garage then why worry? Toyota has a rust proof warranty on all its trucks. Let me tell you something buddy. What's the fun having a truck if you are going to worry about it getting dirty? Be a man and do some off roading driving in the mud. I can't believe this guys comments. Some people forget what trucks are meant for. The quality is there in the Tundra, I wish that the Japanese would make the Tundra interior nice like Dodge 1500 it's a pretty truck, but Dodge trucks have a history of poor quality and bad transmissions. I think more American people would buy Tundra trucks if Toyota was not stingy on giving out rebates. Toyota needs to have better financial loan companies that can deal with people with troubled credit in this bad economy. Ford 150 and Chevy Silverado are also good trucks but as an American consumer, I lost trust in GM and Ford trucks. It's really bad when a laid off GM factory worker says that we dropped the ball when it comes to quality cause GM wants to cut corners on quality parts. The Japanese put pride,quality in the workmanship in a Tundra truck. I feel very confident in buying their products. In a Toyota plant they always have a person to supervise the robotic machines that put together their vehicles. If the machine makes a mistake like it missed a bolt, they stopped the machine and do it personally. I'm glad that GM has On Star in most of their vehicles so atleast when you break down in them you can get help faster. I was looking at a certain Dodge 1500 truck back in January of 2009. It was priced at $44,000, then I looked at the exact same truck in February and it was priced at $35,000 WOW!!! That is very scary that this 2009 Dodge 1500 truck gone down $9,000 Very sad for Dodge

2009 Toyota Tundra


AOL user 2008-12-20 11:40:00

I have had this vehicle for 1 year and yes it is a good vehicle however there are major drawbacks. This vehicle will not fit in a standard 20x20 garage which will destroy the paint and encourage rust, dirt, etc. It has consistently gotten 12.5 mpg overall-who the hell does the mileage ratings(EPA?) with a 4.7 v8. The price of gas will almost surely go back up so who is fooling who about buying a new truck. The radio sometimes gets stucl on volume and needs to be replaced-very untoyota like. My 1987 tacoma is more practical, can fit and haul more, cheaper to own, more fun to drive and I don't have to worry about parking, backing up(impossible) and/or running into obstacles as the visibility is not good. Yes this vehicle does look good and the only proof of reliability is if this vehiole will get 200,000 plus miles without any major hickups, which has been a toyota trademark-time will tell. My 87 tacoma has almost 400,000 miles, it's easy to work on and gets 27 mpg, more practical but it doesn't have 6 airbags-perhaps the only advantage to owning a Tundra.

2009 Toyota Tundra

2009 Toyota Tundra

BrooksR55 2008-12-20 08:29:01

This has been and is the best truck I have ever owned and I have never owned a car. It is comfortable to drive, handles well, and when you hook on a trailer you don't even know the trailer is back there. It is super quiet and designed well.It's also built right here in the USA, in Texas by Texans. What took Toyota so long to come out with a full size truck,of this caliber. I love mine, get ya one.

2009 Toyota Tundra

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