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Toyota Sienna - The Best Van Style - Utility Vehicle Available in 2009

2009-01-10 21:26:24

We bought a 2009 Toyota Sienna at the beginning of this year. Over 95% of the Vehicle is American Made! It has all the options that our family needed and wanted for the price, which was very reasonable for the options that we received. We replaced our Mercury Villager, Toyota had the only vehicle that we could find that allowed us to have a similar style and look. As a Law Enforcement Officer, I wanted something that is reliable and very safe. Most of the Toyota Vehicles that are in operation go beyond 200,000 miles. It is good on gas mileage and still looks sporty. It's a vehicle that still works for the whole family including our big German Shepherd.

2009 Toyota Sienna

2009 Toyota Sienna

2008-09-21 13:11:40

JUST purchased this van. I never thought I'd be happy with anything but a Chrysler Town & Country, but being in New England, we wanted a van with AWD (which Chrysler no longer offers)- and Toyota was it. The styling is more like the 2008 and earlier T & C's (not the "boxy" 2009 re-style) - which I like. With three BIG dogs, we've removed the middle seats, so one of them sits on the 3rd row seat, and the other 2 stake out the floor. We fit the car with a front seat barrier, and it works great. We didn't really want the rear DVD player (it came with the finish package), but I guess if they ever want to watch "Dog Whisperer," they're all ********** a NICE people (and dog!) mover. Chrysler, if you're listening, work on the AWD/4WD - in the meantime, unfortunately, you've lost a customer. PS - "quality and durability" rating is not relevant at this point, because I have no idea how durable it is at this point - but AOL wouldn't take the rating without my marking something (should be able to opt out of n/a aspects).

2009 Toyota Sienna

Review of 2009 Toyota Sienna

2008-09-10 22:53:44

Just wanted to say I love my sienna....it drives like a luxury vehicle. It's so compfortable to sit in with a great view. It also holds a lot of cargo. It's one of the best vehicle on the road!

2009 Toyota Sienna

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