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4.0 out of 5

Great car

2014-12-09 21:40:49

I bought mine new, went from a Nissan pathfinder that I had for 20 years. In the 5 years I've had it I have not had any problems. I have the sport version with towing package. I did transfer from run flats to normals and have had trouble finding the right used jack. it is large enough to sleep in and I have done quite a few car camping/road trips with it. dependable, quick, fairly good gas miles. I like it a lot, would probably buy another if i needed one.

2009 Toyota RAV4

The Most Disappointing Vehicle Ever

2010-05-02 13:40:27

I purchased mine brand new off of Buckhannon Toyota in Buckhannon, West Virginia. In its 1 year of unfaithful service I've had so many problems. When I accelerate there is this humming noise coming from the rear end. I asked my dealer about this and the mechanic said it was completely normal. At 8,500 miles, I had my right front wheel barring go out. I got that fixed at my dealer which wasn't cheap. 1 week after I got it back from that, my rear left wheel barring went out. Got that fixed and it wasn't cheap again. This all happened within 3 months after my purchase. Then recently, I started feeling unsafe in my RAV4 after I was told about the gas pedal recall. My RAV4 was in the recall, and at my dealer THEY MADE ME PAY FOR THE REPAIRS. I DON'T THINK THAT WAS THE PROMISE MADE BY TOYOTA. Just last evening on my way home from work the engine let me down. I started hearing clunking from the engine area. As I kept driving, smoke began to roll from underneath the hood and I realized it was overheating. I pulled off the road and sat for 20 minutes until it stopped smoking and the gauges said the engine was cool. I got back in it just wouldn't start. I called the tow truck and he hauled it off to my dealer. I sold it back to my dealer and walked across the street to Jenkins Ford Lincoln Mercury and I bought a 2010 Ford Escape. I'm lovin' the ride of it. Only had it one day, but I feel good about it.

2009 Toyota RAV4

2009 Rav 4

2009-12-03 12:50:44

After owning many a Toyota (Camry, Celica, Corolla) I traded my Camry LXE in 2 months ago for the Rav4. Big mistake. This is the first Toyota I don't enjoy driving. Seats are uncomfortable, doors don't lock automatically after startup, ride isn't smooth, and there's an annoying sound that emits from the vents when I reach 65 - 70 mph on the highway. With only 2,250 miles on it, I can't believe I'm committed to this vehicle till I can see my way clear to purchase a different Toyota.

2009 Toyota RAV4

Rave4 Sport V6 - LOVE IT

2009-11-04 16:56:40

I had a Rave4 Limited on lease. I did the lease instead of purchase because I wasn't sure how I would like it as my last 3 cars were BMWs (I'm getting ready for retirement). The Limited was very nice except for the dull ride it gave me. I had an opportunity to turn in the lease early and I purchased a new Rave4 Sport V6. Boy do I enjoy it. BIG difference with the V6 and the sport suspension....and great not to have that spare tire on the back door (run flat tires). I actually like it better then the BMW X3 which was my last BMW. The Rave4 Sport V6 ride is better with the 3.5 motor (BMW had a 3.0). Moral of the story - go for the V6 !!!!

2009 Toyota RAV4


2009-09-28 16:55:05

I don't particularly care for mine. It's not the smooth ride I think it should be plus several small things I don't like. If I had to do it over, I think I would go with a Honda CVR.

2009 Toyota RAV4


2009-08-08 22:12:16

Growing up I have always loved the RAV4...and at 32 I finally bought one! I hadn't realized that there was an option without the spear tire on the back (it comes with Run/Flat tires), I only noticed it while I was shopping. However, that option is only available in the Sport edition for the first time 2009. I immediately loved it even more and purchased that model. I didn't look at any other brands because I bought a '97 Corolla new and got rid of it this year with over 480,000 miles on it. The corolla was still a great car...but I deserved to get myself something new this year. (My uncle is a mechanic and now has the Corolla and still loves it). Anyway, LOVE my RAV! Drives smoothly, very comfortable to be in. I'm a girl that doesn't like obnoxious vehicles so since it is a lot bigger than the earlier editions I thought it might be too big...but it is the perfect size. Looks great without the mounted tire on the back. I was concerned about gas mileage since I was so accustomed to driving a corolla, but the gas mileage is great! I could have bought this vehicle with my eyes closed. No complaints at all!

2009 Toyota RAV4

Love Our RAV4 LTD/V6/4X4

2009-06-27 10:45:54

OK, my husband drives it, but I want one, too! His is pearly white. I hope to get one in blue. This baby rocks! We love the mountains and our RAV4 has the power and 4X4 to get us through the tough spots with ease. I'm usually a Nervous Nellie, but loose gravel or dirt roads on steep inclines are no problem in this car. The cargo area and hidden storage space in the floor (where some cars would have the spare tire) make for lots of room for our stuff. Gas mileage, even with the V6 and 4WD has averaged around 26. It is great for city and highway driving, thanks to the compact size and power to zip out quickly when you need to move. This is our first Toyota, but won't be our last. Hopefully, my Honda will soon be traded in for a second RAV4.

2009 Toyota RAV4

Love our new 2009 RAV4 Limited!!

2009-06-13 15:46:39

We've finally purchased our dream car!! After owning American for most of our driving years, we purchased a new RAV4. Best thing we've ever done! Took a 6100 mile trip after getting it. Went from FL to mountains of Wyoming, Idaho, etc. This car never missed a beat! Best riding, most spacious & comfortable, plenty of room for luggage, etc. Wouldn't trade it for the world. Best move we ever made. If you want the most for your money, and a really fun vehicle that will even go off-road, take our advice -- buy a new RAV4!!! (PS: great way to break in a new car is to drive fast, slow, in mountains & deserts!)

2009 Toyota RAV4

To much money for such a cheap looking vehicle

2009-05-13 12:47:28

I wish i would of purchased a Jeep Patriot which was almost $10,000 dollars less with the same equipment. This vehicle feels cheap inside with seats feeling like I am sitting on a wooden box. Performance and gas milage is poor and not what the manufacture claims. If I would of looked arouind more rather listing to what others say I could of saved a lot of money buying the Jeep.

2009 Toyota RAV4

love mine!

2009-03-05 18:00:29

Got this car when we found out we were expecting. Got the new model and its been awesome for the last three years. I have no complaints. It is a very substantial car and it has so much room. Just got to drive it in the snow for the first time, I only have front wheel drive and it did great, no slipping or sliding. My two year old makes a disastrous mess out of the back seat ******* way easy to clean, the fabric is very stain resistant. I can't imagine a better car for the money, its really great. Highway I can get 30mpg, city only about 22-24mpg.

2009 Toyota RAV4

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